Warsaw Is Bringing A New History Themed Turn-Based RPG To PS4 Fans Later This Month

Warsaw Is Bringing A New History Themed Turn-Based RPG To PS4 Fans Later This Month
Credit: Steam XO

Warsaw originally launched on Steam back in October of last year. The unique turn-based RPG placed players in the middle of an occupied city during WWII. After selecting a group of heroes the player would then fight against an infringing army while defending their city. Survive 63 days and the siege may come to an end in this unique wartime story.

The game is now porting onto PS4. Players will have to fight against impossible odds as they defeat Nazi forces in a battle that they are not meant to win. Wield basic supplies, untrained civilians, and anything else that can be salvaged as you bring down the Nazi forces.

The year is 1944 and Nazi forces are now occupying the streets of Warsaw. As they destroy your home city, you will lead a resistance movement of accidental heroes in a unique tactical RPG setting. Take back your city and fight for your lives in this unique conflict.

Players will have to enlist from the locals. Build your forces out of men, women, soldiers, civilians, young, old and anyone else as players use their unique expertise and abilities to bring down a trained military force. Watch as heroes from all walks of life unite to overthrow the German occupation.

Using your heroes unique skills players will flank their enemies, detonate explosive, snipe stragglers and push the enemy forces out of the city. Rather then brute force, players rely on coordinated and carefully planned assault throughout the entire title.

Salvage gear from each operation and develop each hero using a unique medal system. As you join forces with other movements you will slowly gain a reputation and fight against the occupation on an equal term.

The game takes place over a carefully reconstructed map of Warsaw. Find both historical and random events in the city as you slowly immerse yourself in the world. Patrol the streets, fulfill orders, and fight the Nazis usings your own advantages.

Each hero has a list of strengths and weaknesses. Choose the best team for the best job and equip them with whatever resources you have to spare. This is a game of strategy and war, so prepare to use every tactic you have left.

Enjoy the unique art and cartoonish environment as you interact with a historically authentic event that affected the lives of thousands of people.

Warsaw is available on PC and will be ported onto PS4 as of September 29