Dungeon Scavenger Is Making Its Way To Xbox One With A Unique Dungeon Experience

Dungeon Scavenger Is Making Its Way To Xbox One With A Unique Dungeon Experience
Credit: Steam XO

After releasing on Steam Dungeon Scavenger is crawling its way onto console platforms and joining the Xbox community. This new game from Vidama Software puts players in an old school dungeon crawling adventure. Experience exploration with combat and treasure behind every level.

This game is priced low on purpose allowing players a chance to take on its fulfilling levels without worrying about price. Take charge of a hero and battle all manner of enemies as you try and save your home town fro the evils of this dungeon. Buried in this simple game is a rather surprising and innovative mechanic that makes it stand out in a crowd.

This game will allow players to take on over 350 different monsters within the dungeon. Scattered across the game is over 70,000 pieces of equipment allowing players a chance to ever improve their character.

Play a dozen different classes and wield unique abilities and spells as you take on the procedural generated stages within this title. The game includes more then 40 status effects and tons of randomization allowing the experience to be different on every playthrough.

Enjoy a unique turn-based dungeon crawling experience with a simple design. Select a hero, take on a dungeon, and fight off the demon realm as it attempts to attack your town. Enjoy the unique combat system that mixes turn based controls with a 3D design.

This game includes tons of secret features that make it a simple experience with massive potential. The naturally limited graphics mixed with a randomized setting give ti a charming appearance while still maintaing a playable status.

Keep pets, charm enemies, and enjoy a unique resource-less spell system. Everything in this game is build to compound upon itself resulting in a strange yet complex environment.

The game comes with full support for both touch devices and controllers. Enjoy this randomized title the way you want to and explore the every evolving setting of a procedural dungeon adventure.

This title is brand new and comes from Vidama Software. Although it looks a little old and clunky, it still plays fairly well and tells an epic story that is waiting to be found within the depths of the dungeon itself.

Dungeon Scavenger can be found on both PC and Xbox One. The game is being sold for $7.99 allowing fans a small price for an epic randomized adventure into the unknown. Explore this unique title full of opportunity, loot, and potential.