Strategy RPG Tears of Avia Launches On PC And Xbox One On September 24

Strategy RPG Tears of Avia Launches On PC And Xbox One On September 24
Credit: Tears of Avia via YouTube

Publisher PQube and developer CooCooSqueaky have announced the official release date of Tears of Avia on PC and Xbox One. The team has slowly been releasing new information and videos about the game ahead of its release.

While the previous announcement trailer was launched six months ago, PQube recently released an eight-minute gameplay video. The video showcases some of the strategy and turn-based tactical combat.

Tears of Avia is set in the fantasy world of Estera. The world was once thriving but is now the battleground of a war between two large city-states. Trig is the largest military who praise Gods, while Helmgar doesn’t praise anyone and are considered “Godless heretics.”

Players have to form a party and begin their journey across the land. There are several long-abandoned cities waiting to be explored. What starts off as a fun adventure may soon tear the friends apart. Their loyalties are split between their homelands. All of the characters have unique personalities and thoughts about each other.

Combat features the abilities of five classes with dozens of playable characters with an upgrade and leveling tree. Players can combine hundreds of skills to turn the tide of battle. Each battle is unique, and players will never experience the same fight twice.

Strategy is an important part of the game. While there are many skills to unlock, it’s up to players to decide which ones will help in battle. The skills range from Burn, Freeze, Stun, and more. Additional defensive skills will ensure heroes survive through each battle.

After battles, characters will have the opportunity to interact with each other. There are several characters to choose from, but not all of them will get along. The protagonist’s actions may cause strife between their teammates, which will only cause more trouble.

The illustrations and graphics bring out the beauty of the world of Estera. While combat is a significant part of the game, there are several places to journey through. Some of the locations include wooded areas, vibrant towns, and forgotten tombs. Additional important landmarks are the tall Tower of the Ancients and the harsh environmental region of Arralash.

Tears of Avia began as a Kickstarter project in 2015 from CooCooSqueaky but unfortunately failed to meet its goal. Despite its challenges, the game continued development anyway and is now preparing to launch this game as its first title.

Tears of Avia launches on PC via Steam and Xbox One on September 24.