Tears of Avia Has Announced New Classes And Characters, Explore A New Turn-Based Strategy RPG Set In A Fantastical World

Tears of Avia Has Announced New Classes And Characters, Explore A New Turn-Based Strategy RPG Set In A Fantastical World
Credit: PQubeGames via Youtube

PQube has another RPG style adventure in the works from developer CooCooSqueaky. The upcoming adventure in Tears of Avia has finally shared their charismatic cast of characters for this RPG adventure. Prepare for a vast skill system, a fantastical story, and a beautiful world coming to PC and Xbox One.

The game prides itself on the ability to combine hundreds of skills within a five-class structure. Customize your abilities to fine-tune each character to a unique preference as you journey through the mystical world of Estera.

Enter a world of turn-based strategy and tactics as you explore the land of Estera. Navigate a unique war between two large city-states as you learn the secrets hidden within the walls of abandoned cities. Decide where your own morality lies and take a side in this powerful conflict.

Estera was once a proud and thriving world. Tirig is one of the large city-states that prides itself on the largest military and powerful religious devotion. The city of Helmgar are godless people who live to the north and make up the second city-state. Build a party and venture into long-abandoned cities with a variety of colorful characters.

Each character comes with its own ability and view on the world around them. Use camaraderie and personal will to keep your team together and venture forward in hopes of ending the way.

Your party is made up of five different classes. There are dozens of playable characters with hundreds of skills to choose from. You will never have the same fight twice due to the opportunities in each character’s leveling experience.

This title will take skill and strategy to master. Create powerful combos by combining attacks, or use defensive abilities to negate even the deadliest threat. This game holds a deep tactical experience in its RPG shell.

Players will have to face a deep branching narrative that is driven by decisions and choices. Your actions will impact the outcome of Estera and eventually the fate of both the kingdoms.

Experience hand-drawn illustrations and beautiful locations as you travel across the stunning world of Estera. The world is yours to discover from the Tower of the Ancients to the long-forgotten tombs hidden across the entire world.

Tears of Avia will be available this summer for a PC and Xbox One release. Interested fans should explore the game’s official website and Steam page for more information and a chance to wishlist this title.