The Church In The Darkness Brings Cult Infiltration To PC And Consoles, Discover The Truth In This Hidden Society

The Church In The Darkness Brings Cult Infiltration To PC And Consoles, Discover The Truth In This Hidden Society
Credit: Paranoid Productions

On August 2 The Church in the Darkness will make its appearance and bring with it a fascinating tale of cults and mystery. While there have been many delays during its devlopment, it will finally be released, and many are excited for the adventure to come. You must infiltrate the inner workings of this hidden society as you learn the truth of what happened to your nephew.

The game is stylistically unique and has almost infinite possible versions to play through. Although there are only a set number of endings, the game does give you a way to track them, allowing completionist players to find every solution.

The game is set in the 1970s and revolves around a religious cult. This was an era of time when many people were looking to start new societies and have a different world than the main governments. The group in this game is known as The Collective Justice Mission, and they have traveled to South America in the hopes of building a socialist utopia deep in the jungle.

Your character is trying to infiltrate the group in search of your nephew Alex who was caught up in the cult. The game comes with shifting goals, changing objectives, randomized guard configurations, and several other randomization factors. No two playthroughs will be the same as you find the cult has improved in every run.

To make it even more interesting, the personalities and goals of the cult leaders will change in every game. You can absorb the world of Freedom Town by reading the letters and documents scattered around the place, listening to the cult leaders over the PA system, and talking to the friendly people within the cult. It is up to you to find out just how dangerous this cult is.

The developers have done a lot of work researching real-world cult groups and have tried to harness a level of realism within their games. Cults in the real world are often hard for people to understand, and for those within the cult, everything seems normal. There are multiple story options for players to explore as the developers hope to give you the story from all sides.

The main focus of the game is about choices. It is your choice whether or not you rescue your nephew or leave him be. You may get to confront the leaders of the cult of kill your way through the entire game. It is an infiltration style game, so it is up to you to make narrative choices and decide whether to play lethally or non-lethally through the adventure.

The game will be released on PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC, and Steam. Although there is currently no price on the game listed, it is sure to be a worthy investment. Not many games in the modern era take such broad approaches to narrative and allow for this level of decision making.