Street Power Soccer Has An Official Release Date, Experience A High Energy Sports Experience That Goes By Two Names

Street Power Soccer Has An Official Release Date, Experience A High Energy Sports Experience That Goes By Two Names
Credit: Xbox via Youtube

In the United States, Street Power Soccer is looking at its release date this August. In Europe, the same title goes by the name of Street Power Football. Do not be mistaken, these are the same arcade sports experience that features a global roster of street soccer ambassadors.  Own the street and master your tactics as you take on an instant skill-based soccer experience.

The game is planning for a release on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The game is already opening up pre-orders at GameStop for interested fans to get some extra perks. Prepare for a super-powered soccer experience and master the game of street-based football.

Enter a world of high-energy action style soccer games. This is not a traditional soccer match as players master trick shots, unique rules, and unpredictable conditions. Play against legends of street soccer as you take on several arcade-style game modes and playgrounds.

This title includes six distinct game modes. Enjoy open-ended Freestyle modes or compete head to head in competitive matches. This is a unique soccer game that stands out from others in its genre.

Learn the rules of the street and speed past your competition with your very own character. Experience the coaching of Street legend Sean Garnier as you battle through each unique game mode. Battle to the top and become the Street King.

This is a game of style so mater the tricks and powers of each character. From Boyka’s backflip to Liv’s around the world, players must master amazing powers and skills to blow away any who compete against them.

Your team is yours to customize with a set of street fashions, emotes, and tattoos. Make them yours and represent a unique brand of your own design on your journey to become the Street King.

This game holds an authentic street-style culture. Play with the best street and freestyle players in the entire world as you turn on the volume and become one with the game. Battle through street style stages from across the world, including the official Red Bull Street Style World Championship stage.

Developer SFL Interactive and Gamajun have worked hard to give players an authentic experience while still holding fast to the fun factor within the game.

Interested fans can find Street Power Soccer on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. On Steam, the game goes by the name Street Power Football. Both versions of the title are set to release on August 25, visit GameStop to preorder a copy of thus unique soccer experience.