Community Day For July In Pokemon GO Is Planning To Feature Gastly Along With A New Special Research Assignment

Community Day For July In Pokemon GO Is Planning To Feature Gastly Along With A New Special Research Assignment
Credit: The Official Pokémon YouTube channel via YouTube

This month’s Pokemon Go Community Day poll has voted in the popular Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon Gastly. Starting on Sunday, July 19, at 11 A.M. local time, the ghost Pokemon will appear more frequently. This will last until 5 P.M. local time, lucky fans will have an increased chance of finding a shiny Gastly while the event is live.

Pokemon trainers who gather enough Gastly to evolve it into Haunter will have a chance to learn the special move Shadow Punch when the Pokemon evolves into Gengar. This effect will last during the event and up to two hours afterward but will remain consistent with the evolution post-event.

Trainers who love to photograph their Pokemon will be surprised to see Gastly photobombing their pictures throughout the event. This can make for some interesting and creative shots. Take advantage of the unique opportunity while the vent is live.

Fans who want access to a Special Research Story can pay $1 for the special Community Day story. This chapter is called the Great Gastly and will follow PRofessor Willow as he investigates mysterious occurrences in the lab.

Other rewards for the Community day participation include a bonus hatch speed for Eggs. Eggs incubated during the July Community Day will only require 1/4 the distance to hatch and any incense activated will last for an extended three hours.

Ghastly is originally from the Kanto regions holding the number 92 in the original Pokedex. The best moves are Lick and Sludge Bomb for offense while Astonish and Sludge Bomb make up the best defensive moves for Gyms and PVP battles. This Pokemon is vulnerable to Dark, Ground, Ghost, and Psychic-type attacks. It does hold resistance to Fairy, Grass, Bug, Poison, Normal, and Fighting-type moves.

At 25 candies, Gastly can evolve into its second stage as Haunter. This Pokemon hopes for Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball as its main offensive moves. It hopes to either retain Astonish or gain Shadow Ball as its defensive moveset. As a Ghost-Poison type Pokemon Haunter is vulnerable to Dark, Ground, Ghost, and Psychic-type moves. It retains the same resistance as its previous form.

After 100 additional candies, Haunter can be evolved into Gengar. This Pokemon is the final stage of the Ghastly evolutionary tree. Trainers should hope for Shadow Ball and Lick as the two offensive moves, and Hex or Shadowball as the Defensive moves. Gengar retains the same type as the previous forms holding it to the same vulnerabilities and resistance mentioned above.

Pokemon Go will continue to have monthly community days to bring together Pokemon fans from across the world. These are always a good chance to gain some extra Pokemon while helping expand your friend list in the popular mobile game.

Pokemon Go is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.