Pokemon GO Is Getting Some New AR Features, Niantic Continues To Expands The Features In The Popular Pokemon Mobile Game

Pokemon GO Is Getting Some New AR Features, Niantic Continues To Expands The Features In The Popular Pokemon Mobile Game
Credit: Niantic

Many Pokemon GO fans take advantage of the game’s AR features. With the ability to take photos of your Pokemon in varying places, fans have loved the digital creatures since the game’s release. Niantic continues to beat expectations and further the use of Augmented Reality and multiplayer offerings.

They have announced a new feature that they have dubbed “Buddy Adventure.” It looks like this feature will act similarly to the game’s current AR photo mode, but you can send you “Buddy” Pokemon into the world and take photos of them in real-time.

Syncing this experience with a friend sets it apart from the standard photo mode. Your friends will be able to see and even interact with your Pokemon in real-time. This works the other way around creating the vibrant digital world of Pokemon right at your fingertips.

This feature is still under development, and not a lot of details have been released. What fans do know is that you will be able to feed berries, pet, and take pictures of your friends’ Pokemon. It has not been made clear how many friends this can hold, but Niantic did stress that it is meant for smaller groups.

This new Buddy Adventure system will work in tandem with Niantic’s AR Technology, which is planned to have the character be more realistic and more life-like. They want to see the Pokemon go behind walls, avoid water, and interact with the environment around them.

Niantic is also announcing the Niantic Wayfarer tool. This will be making its way to the app and will become the Poke Stop nomination feature. It has been available in several countries over the past few months allowing players to fill out the Pokemon GO map with real-world landmarks that matter to them.

The last big announcement from Niantic is expanding its sponsorship opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses. They are also partnering with some larger corporations that they have worked with in the past. Samsung, Starbucks, and Mecdonals are all going to be working with the Niantic team.

The Niantic Wayfarer tool will be available to players starting next with. More details and launch date are also expected for fans to learn more about the upcoming Buddy Adventure feature. It is important to make sure you keep an eye on the official Twitter. Remember, Pokemon Go is free for iOS and Android devices. It is never to late to get involved in the evolving Pokemon community.