Steam Celebrates WB Games This Weekend On Their Platform, Massive Sales On Award Winning Franchises

Steam Celebrates WB Games This Weekend On Their Platform, Massive Sales On Award Winning Franchises
Credit: Batman Arkham via YouTube

Every weekend, Steam tends to have something up their sleeve; either a special event coinciding with a famous Steam-sale, or shining a light on JRPG port developers that have worked tirelessly in the background to give PC gamers a new world to explore.  This weekend is no different, with Steam celebrating publisher WB Games, the publisher behind the fabled Batman series, and the adorable Lego video game series that works well as a family-time game with the kids.

This weekend, until November 11th, savvy games can pick up a huge host of games at a fantastic price point that’s typically only seen during Steam-sales, at prices reduced up to 75% for award-winning games.

It’s definitely worth starting our look at this weekend with the Batman series.  These brought about a fun and dynamic hand-to-hand combat system that makes you feel like a martial arts master, and they have continued to improve the mechanic with every iteration.  While some fans have found their combat to be a bit too easy to be satisfying, the animations and sounds of combat is beautiful to behold.  Both Batman Arkham City GOTY and Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY can be picked up for $5 each, including all DLC’s released.

You’re looking at roughly 35 hours of content for that price, per game.  You’ll spend even more time if you want all of the collectibles and achievements that both games offer in droves.

WB also was responsible for releasing the FEAR series, which held a pristine balancing act of horrifying the player while making them feel like a demigod.  No easy feat, yet the FEAR series consistently did it with ease.  It’s absolutely not for the faint of heart, however, as the series occasionally displays and implies disgusting acts affecting adults and children alike.  If you’re looking for a bit of a spook with quality fragging, however, no game has ever come close.  Every FEAR game (and DLC) can be picked up for $13.74 this weekend.

Finally, we would be remiss not to mention the Scribblenauts series; a wonderfully simple game that shows its depth the more the player stretches their imagination that has received numerous rewards over the years as engagingly delightful for all ages.  The 2D sidescroller involves creating objects to solve problems via text, and the item suddenly pops into the game.  The adoration stems from the ability to bring almost anything you can think of, from Godzilla to giant ants, to solve the problems the world offers in creative ways.

This is merely scratching the surface of the offerings for this fantastic partnership this weekend between Steam and WB Games; you’d be a fool to not at least look.