Clumsy Rush Is Bringing Candy Filled Competitions To Xbox One Audiences

Clumsy Rush Is Bringing Candy Filled Competitions To Xbox One Audiences
Credit: Clumsy Rush

Enter a unique party game environment as you embrace the power of a large hippo and compete in insane challenges. Developed by NerfGame, Clumsy Rush is coming to Xbox One adding to the many local party game options. Beat your friends at yet another challenging party game full of mini-games and friendship ending fun.

This title is available on Nintendo Switch and several other platforms. Xbox One seems to be one of the final ports for the title completing an almost full rotation of availability. So choose your platform, and prepare for another fun filled party game experience.

Players choose one of the 27 available hippo characters and then compete against up to three friends. Belly bumping is a player’s strongest move as they compete across multiple maps with the goal of holding onto a crown.

Although this sounds like an easy challenge, players must first master the wonky control scheme. The game takes full advantage of rag-doll physics mixed with an increase in floating, bounding, and bouncing. Move your hippo and try to adapt to the unique controls one step at a time.

To make this even more difficult, players control each leg of their hippo separately causing them to move with an adorable waddle. Watch as your family and friends struggle to gain an understanding of the controls while you master the flailing hippo excitement within this title.

There are 47 different levels for players to waddle across. Each level presents unique obstacles and shapes to navigate around as players fight for control of the crown.

For added challenges, players can modify the game with 25 different modifications. Each of these will shake up the playing field and make fans adapt to a changing enviroment. While some mods will reerse controls, others add oil, remove gravity, and so many other wacky varients. Mix that with the levels and palyers will have hours of entertainment.

Enjoy a colorful and vibrant world full of strange clouds, rainbows, slides and more. The memorable and fun nature of this title alone gives the game a unique style that is sure to enchant fans.

Fans can find this title on the Xbox Store . The developers are always open to criticism and excitment about their title so fans are invited to contact them through their many social media challenges.

Free your inner hippo in Clumsy Rush available no on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Triumph as the hippo.