Everyday Scenarios Become Epic In Party Game Skelittle, Coming To Switch

Everyday Scenarios Become Epic In Party Game Skelittle, Coming To Switch
Credit: Bubble Studios

What’s the first thing a cereal toy would do upon escaping from the cereal box? That’s right; party.

And that’s exactly what you’ll do in Skelittle: A Giant Party, a new entry for the ever-growing couch crowd, and a perfect, peppy playtime for the upcoming holiday season.

Skelittle: A Giant Party focuses on “bringing people closer together” through its zany party games, and so far it seems to be dutifully committed. With 15 games available for local multiplayer, it’s managing to do a lot with such a small roster.

A key aspect of Skelittle: A Giant Party is that the game have their roots in the mundane, but as a small skeleton-like creature, they take on a whole new aspect. Mosquitos become a game of target practice, a vacuum becomes a destroyer of worlds that you have to outrun, steal kibbles and bits from a dog, throw friends into a printer, it goes on. The microscopic world becomes deceptively massive in Skelittle: A Giant Party.

Backing the game is an upbeat, bopping soundtrack of fusion, funk, and rock, fitting perfectly into the comedic, kooky world of Skelittle: A Giant Party.

Perhaps the greatest draw is something not seen in a party game until now; a sandbox mode. Much like familiar builder games, you’re able to construct games of your own making to play. Build mazes, traps, any and all manner of maps to wreak havoc, test your skills, and potentially damage long-lasting relationships. For added incentive, as you progress through the game, you unlock more parts to use in sandbox mode.

Bubble Studios, the minds behind the game, are an indie studio that takes ‘involvement’ to new levels. They want involvement from the game community to such a degree they have a Discord devoted to feedback and involvement. When the game was in early access prior to its release in November 2018, they sought out testers and feedback from the community, and we’re transparent to a degree most AAA developers aren’t. Going further with that, Bubble Studios has also promised regular content updates, roughly two weeks with a major update every months.

The success and fervor has paid off, as Skelittle: A Giant Party leaves the tower and makes way for the Nintendo Switch, which will see a release date November 28th, 2019.