Element TD 2 Has Released Into Steam Early Access For Fans To Purchase

Element TD 2 Has Released Into Steam Early Access For Fans To Purchase
Credit: Steam XO

Entering into Steam Early us the sequel to a unique tower defense revolving around the elements. After the original Element TD launched into massive success setting up its sequel for high expectations. Now that the title has entered into Early Access fans can finally see if this title lives up to the hype.

This game is the end result of 15 years of combined work by the development team in the competitive multiplayer world. This game allows players access to 44 towers, upgradable paths, and many other challenges.

Harness the power of Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Nature, and Earth. This is a tower defense experience that revolves around elemental combinations on a consistent basis. Manage your elements, mix and match their powers, and master the challenge in Element TD 2.

Your elements determine which towers you can build. Compete against tons of other players to prove who can last the longest in this tower defense experience.

There are 44 towers to choose from spread across 9 maps each designed to test your ability to create unique blocks to multiple layouts. Test your strategy and take on waves of challenging enemies.

The game’s global servers allow for cross-region multiplayer capabilities. Enjoy a co-op mode with up to eight players all surviving together in a single lobby. Using the 6 elements players will empower their towers and embrace a unique challenge of tactics, strategy and defenses.

Survive 55 waves of challenge enemies coming to the end with an endless boss who will push your defense to its limits. Make the game even harder using 10 modifiers which can tweak the game to your liking.

Customize your builders with unique unlockable cosmetics. Show off your style in a unique duel mode that places you head to head in one arena against another tower defense fan.

Complete on a national leaderboard against tons of other players as you battle it out for the top score. Showcase your victories using the game’s unique replay system and learn from others by observing their unique strategies on the reply.

The developers are Element Studios have worked hard to release Element TD 2 on Steam Early Access. Interested fans are invited to join the developer’s discord where they can participate in events and give feedback on the game’s development. As an early access title, this game is still evolving into its final form of unique tower-defense action. Players can find out more about this title on its dedicated Steam page.