Minecraft Dungeons Launches With Two Massive Issues Offering Another Headache To Day-One Purchasers

Minecraft Dungeons Launches With Two Massive Issues Offering Another Headache To Day-One Purchasers
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

Purchasing a title on the first day it is released is tremendously tempting; it’s been hyped up by marketing studios spending millions to get their title in front of your face, teasing possible consumers with tantalizing bites of ‘exclusive access’ and ‘pre-order bonuses’ to the point that many fans of a franchise look at pre-ordering as a must if you want all of the content available upon launch.

Yet while developers and publishers continue to use arguably under-handed tactics to ensure that you’re spending your paycheck with them, users often receive an underwhelming experience.

From the dire (if humorous) launch of No Man’s Sky where it failed to have the majority of content they promised, to Diablo 3 launching with a real-money auction house, the relatively few moments where a title is fully playable on launch is easily overwhelmed by the number of titles that simply don’t work.

Or, in Minecraft Dungeons case, it’ll delete your entire SSD.

Mojang is warning users that have purchased Minecraft Dungeons not to delete it using the Windows feature to ‘Add or Remove Programs’; doing so could reportedly result in wiping your entire SSD due to a fascinating bug.

Mojang have been informed of this bug and is ‘working hard to resolve it as fast as possible’. Which is fantastic, but bad news for anyone who installed it today found it not to their liking, and went to uninstall.


This is why you always keep your OS SSD separate from your games SSD.

The second issue that has arisen from the player base is far less dire, although seemingly more frustrating to fans; the Mojang launcher is having issues verifying game ownership, and issue that appears to be caused by anti-piracy measures that the game included.

This, again, hurts paying customers far more while pirates while inevitably skirt around the issues.

The inability of Mojang to verify your game ownership means that your entire character is likely deleted, and you’ll need to restart your playthrough in its entirety from the very beginning.



Mojang has stated that they are also looking at how to solve the game-ownership issue in the launcher, but have not confirmed that it is due to anti-piracy measures on their social media account.

If you’re concerned about either of these, it is strongly recommended to wait to play for a few days while Mojang figures out precisely how to solve these issues; otherwise, hopefully you’re not entirely too attached to your character progress.