The Management Platformer Spiritfarer Just Received New Gameplay Footage

The Management Platformer Spiritfarer Just Received New Gameplay Footage
Credit: Thunder Lotus Games via YouTube

Platformers have a special place for a lot of gamers, event still in 2020. Their simpler nature isn’t to be overlooked. They may not have the jaw-dropping graphics and action like today’s modern first-person shooters, but they have a nostalgic feeling that’s often hard to replicate.

2020 has been an amazing year for the platforming genre overall. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon either as the management game Spiritfarer is set to release later this year.

It puts a unique twist on the concept of death. You get to become the ferrymaster, who’s tasked with building boats and ferrying souls that have past on to the afterlife. Visually, the game has a lot of charm — but it’s the platforming action that is shining through.

Gameplay footage has already been featured earlier in the year, but more has just come out. It provides a greater look at the simple, yet fun mechanics in Spiritfarer.

The ferrymaster is featured around some beautiful, hand-drawn worlds with very interesting creatures. It looks like you’ll have the chance to go on a grand adventure and make some trusty companions along the way.

The platforming action looks superb, featuring quick traversal systems that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can jump, run, or glide your way to the different sections.

That’s not all. The ferrymaster will be able to fish, cook, weave, harvest, and craft all sorts of unique items. You’ll even be able to customize your ferry throughout this epic and emotional journey.

There seems to be a lot of substance within Spiritfarer, too. Death is always a hard topic to broach in video games, but the developer Thunder Lotus Games seems to do it with wonder and a child-like sense of imagination.

It’s not something to fear, but rather something to embrace as everyone will be affected by it at some point.

It also seems like there’s a strong sense of connection with the characters you help ferry across the endless seas. Who knows? You may be able to forge bonds that last a lifetime and give you meaning in ways you never thought were possible in a video game.

There are a lot of great games set to come out in 2020, but Spiritfarer definitely seems like one of the more charming and unique. Keep a lookout for it on the major consoles and PC later this year.