Spiritfarer – An Unexpected Beautiful Game Revealed During E3, Similar To Animal Crossing With A Magnificent Story

Spiritfarer – An Unexpected Beautiful Game Revealed During E3, Similar To Animal Crossing With A Magnificent Story
Credit: Thunder Lotus Games

The developers that brought Jotun to the spotlight have announced a new game during Microsoft’s press conference called Spiritfarer. This game appeared out of nowhere and gave a beautiful picture and tone to the afterlife. It is a 2D hand-drawn style with a story about friendship and loss set in a magical world. The game is set to release some time in 2020, but an official date has not been announced.

Spiritfarer is a management game about the afterlife. You play as the ferry master to the deceased, and you work to build your boat to help care for your special friends as you guide them across a magic sea. You are taking them to the afterlife where they will live for an eternity in a happy place. The dead are humans, but they appear in an animal form, giving an idea as the personality they had when they were alive.

Players will enjoy the ability to build, improve, and manage their ferry as they explore the beautiful hand-drawn world around them. You can farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, weave, and craft as you take part in countless activities throughout the game.

As you travel, you will forge relationships with a cast of memorable characters, and at the end of your journey, learn to say goodbye to those you have grown to love. The game is filled with moving, emotional stories that will bring unforgettable moments to your hours of gameplay.

The developers say that the game takes 30 hours to finish with hundreds more to experience if players want to see everything Spiritfarer has to offer. The adventure is your own with rich customization options for your boat, character, and even your cat. If you want to try local co-op friends can help in your adventure as playing Daffodil, the cat.

Spiritfarer is the opposite of Thunder Lotus Games previous creation Sundered, which was a huge risk to the studio as a whole. For Spiritfarer, there is no violence, no fail states, and the progression is at your own pace. The game is meant to be a relaxing adventure that players can sit back and enjoy amidst their other stressful endeavors.

The game strives to approach the question of why we exist. The universal experiences that tie everyone together and try to understand what it means to be human. From sadness to happiness, the game tries to help players understand and experience loss in the digital world. “They are important emotions that are often held back, or pushed aside in this crazy world we live in.” writes Will Dube, Founder of Thunder Lotus Games.

The game will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2020.