StarCraft 2’s Season 2 Maps Are Announced, Complete With Notes From The Creators Themselves

StarCraft 2’s Season 2 Maps Are Announced, Complete With Notes From The Creators Themselves
Credit: StarCraft via YouTube

Blizzard puts an incredible amount of work into making sure that the seasonal play for StarCraft 2 stays fresh and constantly evolving. One of the many ways that they do this is with a constant mix up of the batch of seasonal maps.

Every season, new variations of the seasonal maps are released to help push players towards learning rather than mastering the tricks of individual maps. Sometimes this can create a radically new experience, while other times it may be as simple as changing the way that resources become available.

Blizzard has revealed a handful of maps that will be coming with the new season. For solo play, they’ve revealed four, while there are three maps for team play – a single map each for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. These maps join the rest of the reveals to complete the seasonal pool.

Beginning with the four 1v1 maps, we have Deathaura LE. Creator Marras discusses the new Acceleration Zone Generators that will help to increase movement across the middle bridges and provide some aggressive play. An excess of airspace will also help with aerial strategies.

There isn’t as much to say about the new Ice and Chrome LE from themusic246. All the insight that the creator offered on the new variation of the map was simply “choose between an open third and safer fourth, or safer third and open fourth.”

Pillars of Gold LE provides fourteen different bases, with a linear third further from your opponent. While this may seem safer due to distance, the bases are surrounded by high ground that can make an assault much harder to thwart once it comes in. Corner bases on this map are an integral vantage point.

Finally we have Zweck’s Submarine LE. This small and aggressive map has fewer bases and resources on it, which can help to provide some hectic and intense strategies. While a straight forward assault path exists, players will find it choked off by the surrounded rocks.

Our 2v2 map is Panzermann’s Nightscape LE. The creator describes it as a “large, fortress style team map” with vertical expansions between safe rear bases and aggressive forward bases. Gold mineral nodes provide relief in an emergency or for aggressive strategies.

For 3v3 we have themusic246’s Flashback LE. New inhibitor zones between bases help to slow down air attacks and keep the fight on the ground, while controlling the gold base can help to provide a vital bit of an edge over your opponents.

Finally, we have Fortitude LE for 4v4. Creator Superouman describes it as a “classic lava fortress environment,” where teammates can mine away two rich expansions to provide a path to their opponents.

And those are the newly revealed maps! With the new reveals, we’ve finished out the list of maps for the second 2020 season.