War Mongrels Is An Upcoming RTS Set In World War 2 Set To Release In 2021 From Destructive Creations

War Mongrels Is An Upcoming RTS Set In World War 2 Set To Release In 2021 From Destructive Creations
Credit: Steam XO

A new real-time strategy experience has been announced that drives a more realistic perspective on war. War Mongrels is an isometric experience that will take players through a grim reality on a famous war. This experience comes from Destructive Creations and will take players back into the past.

War Mongrels will release on Steam, current-gen, and next-gen consoles at some point in the next year. Although there is no official gameplay as of yet, players can expect a demo at Realms Deep on September 5th. Enter the war and experience the tales of soldiers who fought against their own for what they knew was right.

The adventure of War Mongrels takes pace on the eastern front of World War 2. Experience a story-driven campaign that takes inpiration from real world events, and tells an epic story of resistence. Enter the dark side of war.

War Mongrels is built on the fondations of two forces. Propeganda and Truth drive the story of this title. There is that which the Nazi regieme tells their people, and then there is the truth on the front lines. Enter an international conflict that will open your eyes to the atrocities of war and meaningless killing.

Enter into a history inspired narrative that takes players on an adventure. Start as soldiers and watch as you become deserters fighting agains the once proud nation. Players are set to fight a way inside of another country. This will require careful planning and strategy as you take on a massive military.

Outsmart the enemies and sneak through each of the varying enviroments. Take to the heart of the opposition and strike with precision as you use stealth, distraction, and silent elimination to your advantage. Prevent the deaths of innocent peope as you try and survive inside of an active war zone.

Take part in a historical world. From events, dates, locations, weapons and uniforms this game takes advantage of real historical truths. Experience the real side of this war and enjoy the force in this dark world.

This game does nor suger coat the war. Experience a hellish reality full of death and sacrifice. Experience the world war as you battle for the protection of your friends, family, and people.

This game supports both a solo mode and an online co-op expdrience for up to two players.

War Mongrels will release in 2021 for Steam and Console audiences. For more information explore Destructive Creation’s main site.