MicroProse Announces Upcoming World War 2 VR Title Called The Mighty Eighth

MicroProse Announces Upcoming World War 2 VR Title Called The Mighty Eighth
Credit: MicroProse via MicroProse.com

An interesting foray for the resurgence of the legendary studio MicroProse which gave players around the world titles that they continue to enjoy to this day. From the Civilization series to The Sims, MicroProse paved a road towards modern-day gaming before incessant grading (and a stint with Bandai-Namco) rendered them ineffective.

Yet the studio is now back for more, and there is some pedigree still left in the tank as the studio famous for their foray into simulation and strategy have recently announced their metaphorical second-coming.

Yet while the studio is world-famous for their works in simulation and strategy, they are typically in isometric form, offering an easy visual of the playspace.

The newest incarnation of MicroProse hasn’t dropped the simulation tendencies of the studio back in the late 80s, although players that are expecting to dive back into the isometric ‘god-view’ might find themselves in unfamiliar territory.

MicroProse has made an announcement today on their website that they are also developing an upcoming title, a VR simulation of flying through the skies in a B-17 with friends as you attempt to drop bombs on German encampments. MicroProse has stated that the game will be entirely playable without a VR system as well.

Still very much simulation territory, yet obviously lacking the standard macro-level of strategy.

Instead, you’ll need to move through the B-17 to view damage, repair equipment, and take note of any large chunks of your aircraft happening to be absent. You’ll be flying sorties in formations along with other squadron mates attempting to accomplish a wide variety of missions, with an equal variety of environments for you to fly in.

The screenshots that MicroProse revealed along with the announcement show meticulous attention to detail; appropriately fitting as the B-17 had pilots and crewmembers crawling into turrets; expect a lot of face time with narrow cabins and passages while Germans attempt to remove your new-found ability to fly.

The Mighty Eighth will serve as MicroProse’s first developed title in their newest form, and as such many expectations and hopes will be riding on The Mighty Eighth from fans and critics alike. There is still much rumor and circumstance surrounding the studio, particularly if they are capable of once again returning to their raw roots that saw a massive surge in popularity with PC gaming.

That MicroProse is taking such a surprising first step towards VR systems, while still maintaining true to its simulation roots, is likely going to be a massive undertaking. If The Mighty Eighth is a fraction as successful as MicroProse’s former titles, and they’re going to continue working on VR titles, they could once again reach staggering heights.