Silent Hill Is Coming To Dead By Daylight In Latest Chapter Of Paid DLC

Silent Hill Is Coming To Dead By Daylight In Latest Chapter Of Paid DLC
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Fans of the iconic horror series Silent Hill have suffered so much disappointment these past couple of years. At times, it looked like the franchise was being resurrected.

Two new Silent Hill games were in fact teased. One would be a reboot of the series and another would be a story-driven game, much like the titles from the developer Telltale Games.

Then it was reported that P.T (Silent Hills) was going to be put back into development. Unfortunately, none of these rumors have turned out to be true. It’s not that the series is dead in the water, but at this time, there are no signs of life.

That is until Silent Hill paid DLC was teased in Dead by Daylight. Alas, this iconic series is coming back in another highly popular survival-horror game — interestingly enough.

According to the announcement trailer, the next chapter of paid DLC will include the iconic Midwich Elementary School, survivor Cheryl Mason, and of course, Pyramid Head. If you’ve been a fan of Silent Hill since the beginning, you’re probably jumping up and down with excitement.

Finally, survival-horror gaming enthusiasts will get to go back to the school where all of these nightmares started. In the trailer, it shows Cheryl peering through a window. Then without any hesitation, alarms sound. You know exactly what they mean if you’re aware of Silent Hill lore.

The elementary school starts transforming into something much sinister. Then walks past Pyramid Head himself. He’s one of the most iconic figures in the franchise and an amazing addition to the already incredible lineup of killers in Dead by Daylight.

Behavior Interactive has done an excellent job at keeping the content train rolling along with this game. Just when you think they couldn’t possibly add more playable killers, they surprise fans with another.

You can bet Pyramid Head will be a fan-favorite out of the gate. It’s also great seeing Cheryl being added as a playable survivor. That should give you all the Silent Hill chills you could ask for.

All of these elements are now live on Steam thanks to a public test build. They will then become widely available on PC and consoles starting June 16.

Even though it’s not clear when a new Silent Hill game will get confirmed, at least the series is heading to Dead by Daylight where it can shine and provide horrific excitement in the meantime.