A Silent Hill Reboot Could Be Revealed For The PS5 In May According To Latest Rumor

A Silent Hill Reboot Could Be Revealed For The PS5 In May According To Latest Rumor
Credit: GamingBolt via YouTube

If you’re a Silent Hill fan, you’ve been put through the ringer lately with all of the rumors going around about a potential reboot. Initially, it looked like two games were coming out. One was a complete reboot and the other was going to be a narrative-based game much like titles from Telltale Games.

Then there were rumors that P.T. (also known as Silent Hills) was going to be put back into development. If you remember, Hideo Kojima was working on the project. It showed a lot of promise, but once again, Silent Hill fans were left disappointed when development ceased.

It seems Konami is adamant that a new Silent Hill game isn’t currently in production, but they haven’t closed the door on the franchise entirely. Now, there are rumors going around about a Silent Hill reboot coming out and it will debut alongside Sony’s PS5.

The rumors come from horror insider Dusk Golem. According to his insider sources, the soft-reboot could be revealed as early as May. That’s just around the corner so as you might imagine, survival-horror fans are holding their breath in anticipation of life again with this iconic and beloved survival-horror series.

That’s not all. According to Golem, the soft-reboot could be called Silent Hill. That would make a lot of sense considering this will be a reboot and it’s definitely an approachable name. Unsurprisingly, these rumors aren’t backed up by hard proof so it’s a little unclear of what to believe at the moment.

You can imagine Konami will deny the rumors once again. That seems to be their MO as of late. If they are in fact working on something or are handing their rights over to another company, they want to keep everything on the down-low. Naturally, the rumor mill will just keep going strong until Konami comes out and confirms some sort of new Silent Hill game.

Whether these rumors are true or not, it’s clear the gaming community is ready for a new Silent Hill game. Its absence has been frustrating for a lot of people, despite the great survival-horror offerings currently on the marketplace like Resident Evil and The Evil Within.

It’s a no-brainer to bring Silent Hill back and re-introduce it to a new generation of gamers. Doing it on the PS5 sounds like a match made in heaven. For now, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.