Of Bird and Cage Is Planning A Release In 2021, Experience A Metal Themed Action Adventure

Of Bird and Cage Is Planning A Release In 2021, Experience A Metal Themed Action Adventure
Credit: Steam XO

Enter a game world where Metal, Music, and action are all mixed into its own strange game. Of Bird and Cage is a unique music album experienced through a video game. Experience the music of Guns N Roses, Evanescence, and more in this unique yet beautiful world.

This game includes a full-length Rock music album. Interact with an environment that changes and evolves with the music as you enjoy several artists’ hard work. Like a living music video, this game brings music to a whole new level. Escape your world and run away to a land of music, metal, and darkness.

Experience music in a brand new way as you enter Of Bird and Cage. This game is synced with a musical track and features talents such as Guns N Roses, Epica, Within Temptation, and much more. As you explore the world, you will watch as it evolves to the music and is controlled by the varying tons.

Players are doing much more than listening to music. Watch as the soaring metal captivates players and pushes Gitta through a unique story based on Beauty and the Beast. Watch as she escapes the physical and mental prison of her capture using music as a storytelling tool.

This game is a single-player adventure. The entire experience is story-driven meaning that players are walking through the narrative. Watch as multiple endings can play out and shape the results of the story at large.

This entire game is synced with the songs. The game experience is controlled by the music so as the track changes so does the tone, story, and features of this game. This is both a terrifying and deeply touching experience to take part in for fans of metal music.

Explore the theme of Stockholm Syndrom as you watch a love story filled with alcohol, drugs, hallucinations, and more. Watch as this game unfolds into bad and dark scenarios as players experience Stockholm syndrome firsthand.

This game is intense, so it is recommended that it only be played by mature audiences. There are several violent moments, sexual themes, and other intense features that younger audiences might not appreciate.

For more information be sure to explore the developer’s main website. This game is a unique musical experiment that will either be met with brilliant success or horrible failure. It is still too early to tell.

Of Bird and Cage will release on Steam in 2021.