10 Chambers Collective Announces New GTFO Rundown, The Vessel, Bringing New Enemies And Features

10 Chambers Collective Announces New GTFO Rundown, The Vessel, Bringing New Enemies And Features
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

If you haven’t yet experienced the white-knuckle terror of the survival-horror FPS title GTFO, you’re missing out on one of the better gaming experiences of 2020 so far. While still in early access, developers 10 Chambers Collective are putting an incredible amount of passion into honing the game.

One of the many ways they’re doing this is by constantly pushing out new content. They frequently rotate the available content of the game in sessions called Rundowns, which provides a way to keep the content fresh as well as pushing players to complete the current content before it goes away.

The newest Rundown will be arriving about eight days from writing this on June 11th, going live at 1:00 PM CEST. In typically 10 Chambers fashion, they won’t be telling us everything that we can expect in the new Rundown.

While they won’t spill all the information, they’re giving us enough to go off of to drive home how much new content is coming. With the switch of the Rundown, 10 Chambers is hinting at a new terrifying setting.

This Rundown will be titled The Vessel and includes a new environment called The Lab. While 10 Chambers won’t tell us what exactly to expect in The Lab, there’s a pretty good chance it won’t be anything good for us.

Along with The Vessel comes seven new expeditions for players to compete. Each of these come with their own set of challenges and grow progressively more difficult as players work towards finishing the entire Rundown.

We won’t be going in unarmed, though! 10 Chambers is adding a variety of new weapons, though they’re keeping exactly what a bit on the down-low. The only information the developers gave their player base was “A bunch of new weapons.”

Hopefully, that selection of new weapons includes something with some sizeable stopping power, because 10 Chambers has also gone ahead and teased a new enemy. All they’ll let us know so far is that it’s a “horrifying all-new enemy,” which is ominous at best.

In terms of lore, 10 Chambers intends to drop a few more hints as to what exactly happened in the facility that players are being forced to explore. Those with a keen eye will be able to find the clues needed to help connect the dots.

The Rundown is only eight days away, so you’ll be able to explore the Vessel before too much longer! With any luck, the new weapons that 10 Chambers is equipping us with will be enough to fend off whatever horrors we encounter in the Vessel.