GTFO Named As One Of The Top 5 Best Co-Op Horror Games In Fan List

GTFO Named As One Of The Top 5 Best Co-Op Horror Games In Fan List
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Since it was released back in December, 10 Chambers Collective’s GTFO has been an incredibly impactful release in the co-op horror genre. Joining a genre with an illustrious franchise and history, GTFO has turned heads for its gritty horror, crushing difficulty, and overwhelming emphasis on communication and teamwork.

Recently, entertainment outlet Cultured Vultures named the co-op horror title as one of the top five games in the franchise. Taking fourth overall on a list of the fifteen best, GTFO was praised for its varied gameplay and white-knuckled gameplay.

“The endless string of horrifying beasts would otherwise leave you cowering in a corner squeezing the trigger until only the click of an empty magazine was left,” Cultured Vultures praised. “Well, even with other players joining you in the firefight, you’re sure to find yourself in that position at least once. GTFO is relentless, throwing waves upon waves of monsters your way.”

10 Chambers took to social media to thank the entertainment outlet for mentioning their horrific title in the list. The developers took the time to emphasize the need for togetherness and teamwork in today’s tumultuous times, highlighting the need for such cooperation in the midst of the world’s pandemic.

The other names on the top fifteen were all deserving of their spots as well, with Dead by Daylight, The Forest, and Left 4 Dead 2 beating it out for the third, second, and first spots on the list respectively. GTFO was placed above titles like Hunt: Showdown and Dead Island.

If you haven’t had a chance to play GTFO, you should be adding it to your lists as soon as possible. 10 Chambers recently added in the second rundown, bringing new mechanics, enemies, weaponry, and general fixes/improvements.

GTFO is still in early access for now, with there being about eight months left on their plans for releasing a full 1.0 release. Having launched back in December, the developers intend to keep it in early access for a year, so we should see a full release later this year.

But just because its in early access doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you to enjoy for now. There are some big features still missing – matchmaking and voice communication, for one – but if you’re jumping in with a full group, you’ll be enjoying an unforgettable experience quickly. The tense gameplay and horrific challenges will leave you hesitant to open a door, even if you’re using gadgets to see what’s on the other end of it – maybe even more so then.