Project Cars 3 Was Just Announced And It’s Bringing Forth A Lot Of Improvements

Project Cars 3 Was Just Announced And It’s Bringing Forth A Lot Of Improvements
Credit: GameRiot via YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to experience realistic race car driving, Project Cars was the series that always delivered. From the refined steering to the realistic settings, this racing simulator series is as refined as they come.

The first two installments were received well and beloved by many, so much so that the series is getting a third installment. This news was just confirmed by the publisher Bandai Namco. The news took many by surprise because Slightly Mad Studios are already working on a new Fast and Furious game.

Whether they have plans of dividing into separate studios or just tackling both projects at the same time remains to be seen, but it looks like fans won’t have to wait long to jump back into the cockpit and experience some realistic driving simulation.

At this current time, Project Cars 3 is scheduled to release later this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s definitely a surprise announcement, but a welcomed one. As mentioned earlier, this series has gone on to achieve a loyal following over the years.

It’s about to given even better as the developer has plans of providing a more comprehensive career mode. That’s always an important part of any racing game. Players want to progress through compelling story lines and acquire all sorts of cars that they can customize to their liking.

Slightly Mad Studios also plans to bring forth a curated difficulty curve to the career mode. So basically, players can choose a custom difficulty that will then affect assistive features and rewards. The harder the difficulty, the greater rewards players can earn.

It’s a great strategy because there will probably be a lot of people playing Project Cars 3 who have no prior knowledge of the series. They don’t have to hit the ground running without being prepared for the roads up ahead.

The more advanced racers can take the assistive features away and experience harder lines. That’s the ultimate goal the further along you get in this latest installment.

It’s great to see the developer catering to a larger audience. They know that the first two games were loved, but they want to do everything possible to get this game in the hands of as many people as possible.

As we get further into 2020, don’t be surprised to see in-depth trailers of gameplay and the new features. Things are heating up once again for this beloved racing series.