Wowhead Datamines New Cosmetic Options For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Targeted Towards Worgen And Elves

Wowhead Datamines New Cosmetic Options For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Targeted Towards Worgen And Elves
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

As World of Warcraft: Shadowlands comes closer and closer, the datamining doesn’t seem to have an end. Wowhead, one of the most prolific and trustworthy outlets of World of Warcraft-based news, has been hard at work.

Earlier today, we discussed their analysis of Blizzard’s reveal of the new Shadowlands zone, Ardenweald. This Fae-fueled zone is slowly dying in the Anima drought and forcing players to do what they can to help remedy the situation before the Weald itself dies away entirely.

However, they’re working on more than just analyzing what Blizzard confirms. Wowhead has revealed some more of the cosmetic options that Blizzard is bringing into the title with the upcoming expansion.

This is far from the first time we’ve discussed cosmetics of the upcoming expansion, and with good reason! Blizzard has begun providing a full overhaul of the playable races, providing dozens and dozens of new customization options.

It’s important to note, however, that all of these things are in alpha. Furthermore, datamining is not an absolute guarantee of accuracy. Those two things are important to note so that you can pump the brakes on the hype train a bit – nothing is confirmed as of now.

That said, one of the datamined options seems to be vibrant blue eyes for customization of the Blood Elf and Void Elf races. While exciting, this possible change has some of the more lore-focused players of the game a bit peeved.

The main reason for that is that, lore-wise, Blood Elves have eyes based on the mana that fuels them, without which they would wither away in withdrawal and insanity. In World of Warcraft, Blood Elves have gold or green eyes exclusively because they’re either fueled by the Sunwell – gold – or Fel energy – green.

Still, plenty of others don’t care much for lore if it gets in the way of them playing the game they way they want to play it, and the new customization options are well-received overall. Besides, with so much still unknown about the upcoming expansion, who’s to say that the Elves won’t find something else to fulfill their mana needs?

Worgen are also getting a new eye color with an intense crimson red shade. This joins in with a large selection of other previously-revealed eye colors, helping to bring the popular Alliance race into a more desirable place.

As the Shadowlands grow closer and closer, we’re likely to end up seeing even more reveals. Wowhead is always hard at work with datamining, so we’ll likely be back here discussing them once more before too long!