Blizzard Reveals Dozens Of New Customization Options For Upcoming World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion

Blizzard Reveals Dozens Of New Customization Options For Upcoming World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

As World of Warcraft: Shadowlands comes closer and closer, Blizzard has continuously pushed out an incredible amount of content for the expansion. The developers bring new appearances, abilities, items, and a wealth of other additions to the community in reveals, many of which come through Wowhead.

One of the greatest additions coming, both in volume and in demand, is the addition of a massive amount of new customization options. Nearly every aspect of the game is getting new options for players to customize appearances how they desire.

This is far from the first time we’ve discussed the addition of cosmetics and customizations, but Blizzard just keeps adding more! New customization options have been called for for a long time, and it’s another tally in Blizzard’s favor of them listening to the fanbase more often recently.

Some of the reveals today that came through Wowhead are targeted towards the Horde’s Blood Elves. By far the most popular race of the Horde and one of the most played overall, Blood Elves have needed new customization for years. Given that so many players pick the faction, it’s a popular move that’s made plenty of people happy.

Blizzard added new hairstyles and eye options to the race, with one of the hairstyles being Lor’themar Theron’s interesting hairdo. While Blood Elves can currently only have gold and green eyes (for lore reasons, to be fair), Wowhead’s new reveals show a rainbow of new options.

There will be new earrings for the race, as well as new ear sizes. Adding to the options for bling comes three newly revealed necklaces as well. It’s worth mentioning that we can’t currently guarantee that all of these options will be usable by players, and may be appearances for NPCs that Blizzard has shown.

The new additions also come to both male and female Blood Elves, though it seems that the ladies got the lion’s share of the additions. There’s no revealed jewelry for the male Blood Elves, but they’re receiving new hair styles and facial hair options, as well as the same array of eye colors.

Popular World of Warcraft streamer DesMephisto recently took to Twitter voicing his immense excitement at the new additions that have come to the Forsaken race. While his tweet had a bit more profanity than we wanted to show here, it’s a good touching stone of how excited the community is.

Overall, there hasn’t been a huge amount of customization added into World of Warcraft in quite some time. While new gear appearances and transmogs come with every expansion, changes to the races themselves don’t.

In addition to all the new playable races that have been added, players are able to customize their appearances significantly more than before. It’s another fantastic example of Blizzard listening to their fans more than they ever had before, a welcome change for the player base.