Blizzard Adds New Customization Options To World Of Warcraft’s Void Elves, Allowing Alliance To Make High Elves

Blizzard Adds New Customization Options To World Of Warcraft’s Void Elves, Allowing Alliance To Make High Elves
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

After years and years of asking, the World of Warcraft fanbase is finally having one of their greatest demands come true. The latest reveal of the upcoming Shadowlands expansion shows that cosmetic customizability will allow the Alliance to play as High Elves.

To be clear, the High Elves aren’t being added as their own race. Rather, Void Elves will be getting customization options that allow them to appear as High Elves, essentially giving the Alliance the race they’ve asked for since Burning Crusade.

Many players were hoping that the race would be added as Allied Race when Blizzard began adding the races in. However, once Void Elves had been added, it seemed like the dream was dying out once again.

Lorewise, High Elves and Blood Elves are one in the same, which is one of the many reasons why Blizzard never implemented the race. After the genocide of their people and the destruction of their home at the hands of the Lich King, the surviving High Elves renamed themselves Blood Elves in honor of their fallen.

Because of this, adding in High Elves has sort of been a moot point ever since the addition of the Blood Elves. With the lore in mind, the High Elves are essentially extinct, with the remainder being the Blood Elves that had joined the Horde just before the start of World of Warcraft‘s timeline.

However, that hasn’t stopped players from wanting to play as a High Elf on the Alliance side by any means, and it seems that Blizzard is finally hitting the compromise. The Void Elves that joined the Alliance were a variation of the Blood Elves, essentially reiterating the argument.

Instead of letting the Void Elves stay where they were, though, Blizzard is adding in a vast amount of customizations. Players will be able to change the skin tone, hair color, and eye color of their Void Elf.

With the new customization options, players have everything they need to make their character a High Elf – as far as aesthetics go. Functionally, the “race” will still play the same as the Void Elf in terms of racial abilities and available classes.

This newest release of customization options joins an incredible wealth of new choices for players. As well as the High Elf options, elves are also having the options for darker skin, allowing for greater diversity amongst the avatars of the player base.

As Shadowlands gets closer and closer, Blizzard is constantly adding more and more customization options. This new expansion is bringing in a massive number of customization options across all different races.