GTFO’s Second Rundown Is Live, Bringing New Enemies And Challenges To The Horror Shooter

GTFO’s Second Rundown Is Live, Bringing New Enemies And Challenges To The Horror Shooter
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

10 Chambers Collective have officially released the second rundown for their horror-shooter, GTFO! The new update brings a bunch of new enemies for players to struggle to survive against as well as a few new weapons and an entirely new atmosphere.

The first new thing to discuss is the locale of this new rundown, the Dig Site. Dig Site contains ten new expeditions and warden objectives, with a new way to unlock future content as well.

10 Chambers Collective have added in a new expeditions system called Warden Restriction. Under this new system, players will be able to help each other unlock the levels of the expedition. Normally, teams would have to progress by beating each and every individual objective. This new community-fueled system of collaboration will help more players unlock the entire expedition faster, providing more time to play instead of terrifyingly delving into each new locale just long enough to learn it and move on.

Three new weapons have been added as well. 10 Chambers brought in an automatic sidearm called the machine pistol that’ll be great for when you’re panic-firing into a crowd of enemies. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll run out of ammo swiftly, so be careful!

There’s also a new burst rifle, an accurate weapon especially at mid-range to help keep your opponents away from you. The third weapon is an updated version of the machinegun, which was a sorely needed change as the first machinegun didn’t feel incredibly effective.

In Dig Site, players will also find new enemies. You won’t be missing your old friends, though, as there’s still going to be plenty of crawlies around from last time to keep you company. They’ll just be bringing a few new friends of their own.

Other than the new content, there’s been a good number of general improvements and fixes. The sounds of all weapons have been updated to be higher fidelity, and there’s new reload animations as well. A liquid-system has been added in to help with the graphical appeal of the game and to make things just a bit more atmospheric.

10 Chambers Collective also states that there are “new surprises in-game that will most likely kill you,” so that’s fun!

The company topped the rest off with a handful of bug fixes, such as Sentry Guns no longer being placable on doors and players no longer being able to enter ladders through thin walls. All in all, they’ve made a great number of improvements, so get out there and help the Warden!