LightBreak Is A Story-Driven Puzzle Adventure Expected To Head To PC And Mobile Audience In July Of Next Year

LightBreak Is A Story-Driven Puzzle Adventure Expected To Head To PC And Mobile Audience In July Of Next Year
Credit: Deev Interactive

Lightbreak is a unique story-driven musical adventure that will take players on a journey with Ava. This young traveler wishes to return home to recount her many adventures to her mother, but she has lost her voice. Due to her mother’s blindness, she can not rely on visual storytelling, so instead, she uses the power of music to share her tale.

Weave complex stories and reconnect with Ava’s mother as you use her unique instrument, the Saaz. This instrument can connect with the emotions of whoever plays it. Go on Ava’s many adventures and discover the wonder and tragedy that resides within.

Players must work to help Ava make the right music as she tells stories of her many adventures. You will find a journey of wonder and tragedy in which players must help Ava express her emotions through music.

Ava’s biggest problem is expressing her emotions when it comes to the event that led to her losing her voice. After an encounter with the relentless Sorcerer King Mana, Ava struggles to connect with her emotions of the entire event.

This makes it hard to find the right notes to communicate the event with her mother. Experience the heart-wrenching story as you learn to communicate through more than words.

This game puts a focus on overcoming hardship and disability with music and light. This is about communication and connection with loved ones. Players will have to think outside of the norm to help Ava work through the loss of her voice and connect the emotions with her mother.

This game is visually stunning mixed with powerful music. Bring out Ava’s thoughts by using the Saaz. solve puzzles and connect Ava’s emotions to the music in a stunning show of audio and video masterpieces.

This game is planned for mobile and PC in 2021. Control-wise this game will push the boundaries of what is possible within the genre of innovative storytelling.

For a relaxing experience make sure to check out the game’s creative mode. Create your own journey and share it with friends and family by telling an entire story through only the notes of the Saaz.

For more information be sure to check out the developer’s website. Deev Interactive has information aplenty on display along with samples of their mystical and magical music on Soundcloud for fans to enjoy. Embrace this musical experience with a taste for indie and the unknown.