Forgotten Fields Is A Charming And Relaxing Adventure Game That Is Headed For PC Later This Year

Forgotten Fields Is A Charming And Relaxing Adventure Game That Is Headed For PC Later This Year
Credit: Frostwood Interactive via Youtube

Forgotten Fields is a project of passion from indie developer Frostwood Interactive. This warm and relaxing indie game will take players into a world of adventure. Enjoy a unique game from the same team behind the murder mystery title Rainswept. 

Follow the adventures of Sid, a writer who can not find inspiration. Desperate to get his next grant for writing his book, he must find an idea before the end of the day. All of this gets worse as his life unfolds in front of you in a closely written narrative that will inspire and drive players deeper.

Follow the story of a struggling author who travels back to his childhood home for a final visit. Relive memories, meet with old friends and experience bursts of nostalgia-driven by the passage of time.

Travel home driven by an invitation to attend a family gathering. This small party organized by Sid’s mother will get his creative juices flowing and move him in ways he would never know.

Enjoy a warm and cozy game that is full of good vibes and meditative adventure. It is a world full of nostalgia, creativity, and a unique appreciation for the present. Buried under the narrative is a message on the impermanence and shortness of life.

Take part in Sid’s creative process as you play through interactive sections of his life. Feel what he feels and witness the impact of writer’s block on his life and what it means in the world.

This game takes players int a beautifully detailed yet simple world full of small pieces that tell a much larger story. Develop your book while working through difficult scenes that are both powerful and meaningful.

Pastel environments meet calming music as you travel back to your home town. Familiar surroundings have a way of provoking the mind and helping writers past their block problems.

Just based on the trailer it is obvious that this game has a ton of heart and soul built into it. Forgotten Fields is sure to be a transformative journey that will educate and fascinate fans for ages.

Interested players can find Forgotten Fields on Steam right now available for Wishlist. The developers are expecting a release later this year with no word on a console release. Enjoy a unique adventure that is sure to inspire your inner writer and make you think about the lack of permanence in everyone’s lives.