Medic: Pacific Corpsman Brings A New Point Of View In WWII Themed Games, Set To Release On PC Later This Year

Medic: Pacific Corpsman Brings A New Point Of View In WWII Themed Games, Set To Release On PC Later This Year
Credit: ThePlayWay via Youtube

Enter the battlefield of WWII from a unique and different perspective. In this indie title, fans will step into the role of a battlefield medic. Medic: Pacific Corpsman will challenge players in a new world of life and death. As a member of the US military medical corp, players will comfort and heal wounded soldiers rather than spreading death and terror.

Rescue as many troops as possible from harm’s way as you learn what it takes to be a true hero. Experience a game inspired by historic events, movies, television series, and other sources that give this a series sense of realism. As the last hope in the chaotic battlefield, only a truly skilled medic can save many. Wield the power of life and death, and deal with the penalties of limited resources.

Enter the battlefield and come face to face with the horror of war. Dodge bullets, and bring treatment to the wounded as you take on the Pacific Front. Patch them up, revive them, and carry them back to the rear lines as you make a massive impact on the battle.

In Medic: Pacific Corpsman you play as an American field medic. Become part of a war story full of bravery, sacrifice, and determination.

You are not a killed, you are a healer of the battlefield that must locate the wounded and carry them back to headquarters. Help these brave soldiers return to their families.

Adapt to a constantly changing environment where you must act fast yet cautious at all times. The enemy is all around with bullets flying and places exploring. Hide from bombshells and save those soldiers in need.

Resources are scarce so you will have to do your job with minimal tools and try to plan out your needs ahead of time. It is up to you on how and when you distribute your supplies, and you must prioritize some soldiers over others.

Your fellow soldiers rely on you to save them. You can not save everyone so make the difficult choices as quickly as possible. Assess injuries, determine rank and decide whether or not the soldier can or should be saved.

This is a unique perspective of war. Witness horror and hear your fellow soldiers screaming in agony. Travel across blood-soaked fields and become a true hero.

Medic: Pacific Corpsman will be released by Hypnotic Ants in 2021. This beautiful game is sure to give players a new look at the battlefield games that they all enjoy.