Electric Blockaloo Is An In-Game Dance Music Event Scheduled for Three Days in Minecraft!

Electric Blockaloo Is An In-Game Dance Music Event Scheduled for Three Days in Minecraft!
Credit: Rave Family

With the recent Record-Breaking Fortnite Concert, which features Travis Scott, the music industry is substantially switching gears to offer alternatives to the standard musical concert.

One of these alternatives includes using Minecraft to have a virtual music festival.

This festival is called Electic Blockaloo, which features over 300 artists that will be hosted in Minecraft. Electric Blockaloo features Diplo, A-Trak, Above & Beyond, and TOKiMONSTA is among the artists confirmed to be at Electric Blockaloo.

This festival will be a paid experience, and tickets range from $7 and $30.

One interesting fact about this festival is that the revenue split will be 60/40 with the artists that are appearing. Normally when an artist goes to a concert, they receive a flat fee amount, but due to the pandemic, many artists are unable to tour and receive that standard amount.

In an effort to support artists, who have had their revenue streams wholly destroyed, the festival offered that revenue sharing compensation.

Rave Family founder Jackie McGuire told the Rolling Stone, “We thought that with an endlessly scalable festival, artist’s revenue should also be unlimited,” and “For some very, very large artists, there may be a revenue share in place. One manager told me that they had just recently specifically negotiated revenue share with a [now canceled] festival they were booked for, but that was the first I’d heard of it. I think that maybe why some artists start throwing their own festivals.”

Rave Family has also worked with a large number of big names in the dance-music events; this includes EDC and Electric Forest. The Rave Family has also expressed a significant interest in merging parts of the tech and live event spaces, and this could be due to the virtual festivals being significantly more environmentally friendly when compared.

One key reason for choosing this festival to take place in Minecraft is due to the overwhelming player base of the game. Minecraft has 100+ million monthly players and has gained even more players as the Quarantine continues.

Another key reason for choosing Minecraft has stated my McGuire herself is that “most games require somewhat sophisticated game development. What we like about Minecraft is that anyone can build inside the game.”

Electric Blockaloo is slated to for June 25th to June 28th, with prices ranging from $7 to $30 this festival is priced very affordably.