LCS – FlyQuest Surprises Team Liquid To Lock In Their 2020 Summer Finals Spot

LCS – FlyQuest Surprises Team Liquid To Lock In Their 2020 Summer Finals Spot
Credit: LoL LCS

The series between FlyQuest and Team Liquid has extended to the full five series for the 2020 League of Legends Championship Series for its Summer season. Both teams performed spectacularly, but, though they needed Silver Scrapes, FlyQuest have shone victoriously.

With their 3-2 win, FlyQuest will be sitting in their Finals spot for the LCS Summer of this year. This is the second consecutive finals appearance for the relatively newly formed team in the said tournament. As for Team Liquid, they are not out of the competition yet, but they will have to fight a rematch in the Finals in the lower bracket.

In today’s series, the victors proved to have better team coordination when team fights break out and impactful decisions in the long run. They were also able to control most of the neutral objectives and apply early game pressure for TL to comeback. The teams were both trying to be unpredictable as they have unusual team compositions throughout the series.

The players on each team performed superbly, addressing the situation as expected in a high-skill ceiling match. They also have their high-quality performances from top to bottom lanes, but the pressure proved to be too much for Liquid. Jensen and the rest of the team struggled with consistency for this ever so important series.

The Rookie of the Year, TL’s Tactical, showed heroics to keep the team alive for the matches. In one 3v5 in favor of FlyQuest, Tactical kept the squad fighting and even winning the skirmish.

Ultimately, Liquid may have shot themselves in their foot. Whether its the coach’s decision, the team had problems maintaining their playstyle throughout the series. For instance, in game three, the team tried poke-heavy hero picks, but the playstyle was something Liquid proved to unsuccessful with.

Come game five, Liquid fans were hopeful after the team picks their comfort heroes. Sadly though, FlyQuest proved to be more hungry for the Final’s spot and, hence, played more effectively with the team’s hero picks and team fight executions.

As FlyQuest awaits the lower bracket battle it off, Liquid will be facing Team SoloMid in another classic LoL matchup between the two established eSports organization. Unlike TL, TSM are coming off a significant victory over the post-Sneaky era of Cloud9. C9 has proved to be a powerhouse this season, which validates TSM for this LCS. Liquid and the whole coaching staff might not want to save and preserve their hidden strategies for the finals to take down TSM.