Riot Games Announces League Of Legends’ Newest Champion, Samira, In A Trailer Video

Riot Games Announces League Of Legends’ Newest Champion, Samira, In A Trailer Video
Credit: League of Legends

Speculations of a new League of Legends’ champion has been circling among fans in the past few weeks already, and a confirmation has just risen from the developers themselves. Samira, a Desert Rose, will be entering the Rift soon, as seen on her trailer video showing the hero’s abilities. Fans rejoice and excite over the anticipated champion.

Also named as the Desert Rose, she flaunts her massive sword and two dual-wield guns for her attacks. Moreover, Samira can be both at melee and range distances for her to be effective. She also utilizes her attacks for her “Styles” or combos as it constitutes her passive toolkit. Players can dive into her six various Styles, with “S” being the highest form.

Upon reaching her S ability, Samira can use her ultimate called the Inferno Trigger. It is an area-of-effect ability which she shoots her guns around her ten times and spans in a quick two seconds. Inferno Trigger is, of course, physical damage to enemies with a Lifesteal effect for the champion’s survivability. It also has a chance to be more effective with critical strikes.

Samira’s ability, called Flair, or her Q, adapts depending on how far the enemy is from her. The Desert Rose can slash forward an opponent if they are close enough or shoot fire away with her guns, dealing physical damage. In either scenario, the abilities can critically strike for an even more effective attack of 25 percent. Her Balde Whirl ability, a keybind to W, is another AoE ability in her kit that does physical damage for one second to enemies as well as missiles that infiltrate the field of that ability.

Samira’s Wild Rush, bound to E, rushes her to either an ally or woe. It is an effective gap closer when she dives into enemies, or an escape ability when she goes in too deep. Magic damage instead, the dash also harms any opponents that Samira passes through. Aside from this, she also gets a 30% attack speed from all her other abilities after using Wild Rush. It also resets if she kills an enemy.

In League‘s Public Beta Environment, Samira appeared on August 29 for further testing. Data miners in the game files also dug her abilities as well as her supposed Psy Ops on-released skin.

Samira will be in the testing server before she joins in the Rift with the other Champions. Everyone get ready to spend hours on her trying to master and maneuver all the other abilities interactions.