Aura Kingdom Has Just Released Two New Content Patches To Its anime MMORPG Experience

Aura Kingdom Has Just Released Two New Content Patches To Its anime MMORPG Experience
Credit: Steam XO

Aura Kingdom is a colorful online MMO that has just received patch 66 and 67. These patches go to increase the quality and content of this unique title that mixes anime aesthetics with MMORPG gameplay. With more content, the game can gain some more acclaim improving upon its core concept and drawing in new members of its niche audience.

Players will take part in an epic journey through dungeons and travel as they work with pets, friends, and allies exploring a Gaia Chronicle event. This game holds a unique world with a rather innovative combat system, but it failed to draw mainstream attention upon its initial release. Hopefully the extra content in these patches will make a difference to its community.

The patch builds upon the foundations of the core game. Now, players can venture into the Eidolon story dungeon and prove their might against massive enemies.

Learn the story of Kitami, a character within the world, and then face off against themed monsters in a unique battle experience.

The update adds additional Monster story dungeon along with new Nightmare dungeon levels for players to venture into. For those who are still wanting more, there is a new Gaia Chronicle event awaiting fans in the fantastical land of Azuria.

The second patch adds in a brand new 5-person Mirabelle quest. Players can bring their friends and enter into a new quest that will take advantage of their semi-automatic cast skills. Although this is just the tip of the patch’s contents, it still adds in much more game time for prospective players.

Aura Kingdom prides itself on four main aspects. The first is its unique use of interactive companions. Where there is a technical pet system, they are more than just cute cuddly companions.

Each pet is a powerful warrior that need to be earned, respected, and cared for. When the time comes, they will aid players in battle.

The battle system itself is fast, fluid, and action-packed. Rather then simply pressing a command, players will have to weave and dodge through enemies while their screen explodes with powerful actions. Combo with your pet and experience a true feeling of power in this fantasy world.

Mix the action with stunning anime art and players have a taste of what Aura Kingdom has to offer. The fourth, and almost redundant feature, is the game’s mount system which ties close to the pet system in a strange way. This entire game feels like a mix between anime, MMORPGs, and pet collection in a unique fashion.

Interested fans can find this title on PC through their main website or on Steam.