Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Ninjas Of Zombie City: Becoming A Ninja, Minecrafter And A Zombie Hunter At The Same Time

Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Ninjas Of Zombie City: Becoming A Ninja, Minecrafter And A Zombie Hunter At The Same Time
Credit: Ninja of Zombie City via Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft‘s Marketplace has a large amount of user-created content that can significantly change how Minecraft is played and the gaming experience in general. Some of these items include 10 Years of Minecraft, which is a celebratory map that features all the ores and mobs that have been added to Minecraft, to the Parkour Pyramid, which will test even the best Parkour players with its unique levels that all features different designs.

The Marketplace item called Zombies, which was created by Spark Squared, offers a variety of different zombies as well as animated cutscenes that perfectly fit in the story of Zombies.

A similar Marketplace item to Zombies but cost significantly less is Ninjas of Zombie City. In contrast, zombies have always been an integral part of Minecraft; many Marketplace creators seek to create new and inventive zombies.

The Ninjas of Zombie City changes more than just the Zombies; this Marketplace item allows any Minecraft players to fulfill their dream to become a Ninja.

During this conversion from standard Minecraft player to Ninja Minecraft Player, players will need to complete a variety of missions. During these missions, Players will collect resources required to upgrade and craft new weapons to fight the zombies.

These weapons range from the classic ninja star, the katana, and the tri-pronged sai; these weapons can be crafted and equipped by the player to fight the zombies with ease. This Marketplace item also features the ability to craft ninja stars and special chests that can hold these weapons with ease.

This Marketplace item also features a variety of different skins that Minecraft players can equip and utilized by players to feel much more like Ninjas.

Not only does this Marketplace item come with skins, weapons, and new enemies, it also comes with a very bright and colorful map that features many places where the players can jump from one building to another with ease.

Players will need to fight, craft, and survive this recently infected city with the zombie virus. Players will need to fight against brutal bosses to earn the necessary upgrades like Dragon Clouds, Throwing Swords, and much more.

This Marketplace item is currently available from the Marketplace catalog for a total of 990 Minecoin, which is significantly cheaper when compared to the Zombies Marketplace item, which costs 1,690 Minecoin.