Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Parkour Pyramid, A Parkour Experience Featuring Up To 100 Unique Levels!

Minecraft Marketplace Explored: Parkour Pyramid, A Parkour Experience Featuring Up To 100 Unique Levels!
Credit: Hielke Maps via Marketplace

Minecraft is well known for its newly added Marketplace; this Marketplace features a wide array of items ranging from flying planes to a zombies adventure map. These maps are both player-created and can be created by Mojang Studios. The Marketplace uses its own form of currency,

The most common Marketplace item created by Mojang Studios is the Graduation celebration; this marketplace item is completely free and was created as Minecraft has been used for graduation ceremonies that are either held by the school themselves or the students.

This marketplace item is called Parkour Pyramid, and on this map, players will not be forced to fight any mobs or mine for any ore, instead in this map, players will be able to test their skills and see how far they can get in this fantastic map.

When players start the Parkour Pyramid map, the players start at the bottom and will feature up to one hundred unique levels. These unique levels all feature different styles and different themes, which ensures that players will not get bored or have any of the levels feel similar to each other.

These designs range from a cave village that the player runs around to explore to even a water level, which has the player parkouring above a small lake.

One level is even styled after the Nether dimension that features both Nether bricks and Netherrack. The floor is lava has never been more true in this section of the map.

Since this Minecraft Marketplace item features a multiplayer, which allows different players to face off in real-time, this adds a sense of competition to the parkour map, which is only accentuated by the unique and interesting ranking system.

This ranking system adds a significant level of replayability to this impressively large parkour level. This ranking system will make any Parkour player want to beat either their previous rank or beat their friend’s rank.

This Marketplace item sadly isn’t free, like the Graduation Ceremony item, which was created by Mojang Studios, the Parkour Pyramid is available for purchase for 990 Minecoins.

This map currently has a total sixty-four ratings on the Minecraft marketplace, and the current overall rating is almost a complete five stars, roughly 4.8 stars in total. This shows just how fantastic this map is and how happy players have been after purchasing it!