A New Brawler Called Fight’N Rage Has Been Released For Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

A New Brawler Called Fight’N Rage Has Been Released For Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch
Credit: sebagamesdev

The classic style brawler Fight’N Rage from 2017 has made its way onto the console. This old-school side-scroller beat’em up style game brings back memories of a 90’s arcade experience while still taking advantage of modern technology. Its original release was strictly for PC, and it has had a long life on Steam

The game currently enjoys a Very Positive review sitting at 94% on steam recommending the game. The developer, sebagamesdev, has only this title on the store and yet it is doing an amazing job. This is truly an indie game in its finest form.

The world is packed with monsters that must be punched into submission. You play as one of three heroes as you battle your way through a fantasy world. The game is full of content to be enjoyed, including a three-player co-op option that allows you to share the fun.

Branching paths bring a different taste in experience with every playthrough. Not only does it impact the story, but it also has a major effect on who you battle and when. As you fight through several modes of play, you will find colors and costumes for the characters along with other small rewards.

This game is the product of hard work and love for video games. Designer Sebastian Garcia and musician Gonzalo Varela have worked hard to make this game a deep experience. These new ports open up a whole new world of chaotic action for an audience previously unreached.

The game features fast and intense action mixed with an explosive combo system. The controls have been simplified in a classic fashion only using three buttons. You will have to learn combos like back in the ’90s.

Throughout the game, there are tons of things to unlock. Extra difficulty settings, gameplay speeds, new characters, and many more secrets are hidden within the game. You can even play as the enemies and experience more than 20 characters in the extra modes.

Each one of the heroes handles the battles their own way using different weapons. The experience with each hero will change depending on who you pick. This game does require a level of skill to master all features of combat, including the parry system, which requires finely-tuned reflexes to perform.

The game is already available on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A PlayStation 4 port is expected in the future but no details of when have been released as of yet.