Enter A New 2D Arena In The Upcoming Space Shooter Gravity Heroes, Set To Release On PlayStation 4, PC, And Xbox One In 2021

Enter A New 2D Arena In The Upcoming Space Shooter Gravity Heroes, Set To Release On PlayStation 4, PC, And Xbox One In 2021
Credit: PQube via Youtube

Manipulate gravity, loot weapons, and take on hordes of enemies in this new unique indie shooter. Gravity Heroes is an upcoming title from Electric Monkeys and PQube. Take on a unique solo campaign or bring up to three more players with you as you make your mark on the in-game leaderboard.

Enjoy an electrifying soundtrack with a new stylish and unique art style fueled by 90’s nostalgia. Take on diverse action in a unique gravity-driven adventure that will have you readjusting your perspective of what is up and what is down.

Enter a chaotically beautiful 2D arena shooter set in a conflict between humans and synthetics. Take on hordes of enemies and control gravity as you float around a unique arena that constantly changes. Collect power-ups and weapons that ill change the tide of battle.

The main campaign takes players across 15 different stages that will tell the story of a mysterious synthetic revolt. Learn the truth behind rebellion and battle with your friends as you seek the truth.

This game includes a versus mode allowing players to take on their friends and go head to head in this arena game. Battle your friends and see who can master the challenges of an ever-changing gravity.

If competition is not your style, players can also try to survive as long as possible in the game’s ‘Survior” mode. Take on ever spawning enemies as you try and beat your previous score either alone or with the help of your friends.

Enjoy colorful characters, each with their own unique personalities. The unique cast of characters is sure to inspire and engage fans. Although they do not have any mechanical differences, players are sure to bond with one or two as favorite picks.

This entire title revolves around the conflict of the humans and Synthetics. The Synthetic are intelligent and independent robots that are capable of reproduction and cohabitation. After a peace pact goes awry, only a unique task force named Gravity Heroes can prevent the conflict.

This game comes from a rather unknown studio, but PQube handles tons of different titles. More information about Gravity Heroes can be found on the publisher’s website. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Instagram for more updates about this upcoming title.

Gravity Heroes is planning a launch in the beginning of 2021. Enjoy this unique title and feel free to wishlist it on the already active Steam page.