Slice And Slay Demented Pigs, Skeletons And More In Blackmoor 2, Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon!

Slice And Slay Demented Pigs, Skeletons And More In Blackmoor 2, Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon!
Credit: The Four Fats via YouTube

Nintendo Switch gamers are in for a treat early next year with the release of Blackmoor 2. It’s an action-arcade platformer that features dynamic enemies and worlds that a player must traverse if they hope to complete the quest.

There are a lot of things going on with this game. First of all, the animation in this game is top-notch with a variety of different, hilarious, and sometimes terrifying enemies.

The heroes are well done as well. Gamers will be able to play characters like a muscled-up brawler, a wizard, and a veteran monk. Each hero has their storyline and features a leveling up system along with new abilities that can be learned.

Blackmoor 2 has a few different game modes. The story mode will have gamers fight their way through various levels, fighting enemies like skeletons, trolls, thieves, masked assassins, and nameless monsters. Each level works towards a skill-driven boss fight where gamers will pit their heroes against gigantic, powerful foes.

An excellent mode with Blackmoor 2 is the Build feature! Gamers can build their very own dungeon, bringing their unique challenges to the table. And, once they have made the dungeon, they can share it with gamers across the world. Switch players will be able to try their hand with other user-generated dungeons, which skyrockets the re-playability of Blackmoor 2.

Furthermore, the game allows up to four players to fight through a co-op mode or against each other in player vs. player combat.

If a gamer watches the trailer embedded in this post, there are a lot of great clips of players working together to slay a horde of enemies or towering bosses.

But gamers don’t always have to work together! There is a PvP mode for them to duke it out in.
If there is only one player, they can still enjoy the versus mode and face-off against CPUs.

Blackmoor 2 is a mobile game that has been out for a while now, and it has pretty good reviews, including a 4.6/5 via the App Store, and a 4.3/5 on Google Play.

Nintendo Switch is well known for taking mobile games and adding it to their console, so the transition should be optimal.

If Switch gamers are interested in purchasing Blackmoor 2, it comes out on January 6th.
Currently, it’s selling as a digital download for $9.99 through the Nintendo eShop!

This is a promising platformer game that is unique enough to warrant joining many gamers’ collections.