Minecraft 1.16 Java Edition Pre-Release 2: Technical Changes And Some Changes For The Game Itself

Minecraft 1.16 Java Edition Pre-Release 2: Technical Changes And Some Changes For The Game Itself
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft has started to release the 1.16 pre-releases versions, currently, Mojang Studios is up to the pre-release 2.

This most current pre-release offers some gameplay changes, this includes some changes to the gameplay while the player is in creative mode.

This pre-release also features a fair amount of technical changes to the game like a “Fabulous” graphics option, and some changes to worlds are copied or created.

Some of the gameplay changes include that you can now milk Cows and Mooshrooms in creative mode, Mooshrooms now not only gives creative players milk, they can also give creative players stew now!

Minecraft has gained another gamerule, this gamerule is forgiveDeadPlayers which is enabled by default, and this gamerule allows angry mobs to stop being angry when the targeted player dies nearby.

This gamerule allows Zombified Piglins to stop being angry if the targeted player dies nearby, this gamerule is enabled by default but players are able to change it to disabled.

Another change to Zombified Piglins includes the fact that they will not attack innocent bystanders unless you enable gamerule universalAnger.

Some technical changes to the game include changes to how data packs are selected or copied to a world. Some of these changes allow Data packs to be selected before the Minecraft world is created.

The “Copy world” option, which creates a copy of the world, now also copies any data packs present in the source world. This change ensures the data packs that the source used, are present in the copied world making sure that the world isn’t copied incorrectly.

Data packs can now also be dropped directly on data and resource pack selection screen and these dropped files and directories will be copied to appropriate places.

This pre-release also features some bug fixes, which include Aggressive neutral mobs to become neutral when the world is reloaded When a mob hits a zombified piglin, and that mob dies, the zombified piglins attack you, Hostile mobs attacking bees also cause the bees to attack players and Trying to dye a sheep with the same color as sheep displays hand animation.

Minecraft Pre-Releases are usually released very close to when the full version, usually within one or two pre-releases, of the full update meaning Minecraft Version 1.16 might be coming sooner than you think!