Bloodborne Vs Dark Souls: The Battle Between The Two Continues, Did Hidetaka Miyazaki Finally Declare The Winner?

Bloodborne Vs Dark Souls: The Battle Between The Two Continues, Did Hidetaka Miyazaki Finally Declare The Winner?
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Which is better between the two famous FromSoftware titles? The Bloodborne vs Dark Souls saga continues until this day.

The former was released four years after the latter was made available for Xbox One, Switch, and PlayStation 4. Since Bloodborne’s launch, a lot of players seem to have difficulty avoiding the comparison.

Some say that Dark Souls is better, while others would insist that the newer title has already surpassed it.

The same director – Hidetaka Miyazaki – handled both games. This could be the reason why several gamers can see some similarities between these games.

Did he just put an end to the Bloodborne vs Dark Souls saga after his latest interview?

While talking to GameSpot Brazil, the president of the Japan-based game development company gave his insights about his two projects.

If he has to choose the game to keep in his heart, he will pick Bloodborne. According to him, it is done the left the “biggest mark” on him. Here is the official trailer of Bloodborne, which PlayStation uploaded in 2014 for the fans to check once again.

Despite his love for the game, though, Miyazaki admitted that they could have done more polishing to the game before launching it. He cited particularly the Blood Gems and Chalice Dungeons, which they could have made better.

In the meantime, the game director revealed that in the Bloodborne vs Dark Souls battle, his favorite boss is Old Monk. This is the enemy from the original game Demon’s Souls.

The regular players of these games have their reasons why they like this particular title than the other. They raise different positive attributes and some negative comments about each of them.

For some, Bloodborne is better because of its gameplay and the featured weapons. Accordingly, kirkhammer is the best weapon ever.

A Reddit discussion noted that the quick combat of the game makes it an exciting game to play. The streamlined gameplay was also pointed out as a plus since there are less nuisance features that players encounter.

On the other hand, other gamers said that the combat in Dark Souls is more thrilling.

The statement of Miyazaki and comments from fans show that the games have their respective strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on the preferences of the individuals playing the action role-playing video game.

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