The Massive WW2 FPS Hell Let Loose Will Be Completely Free Over The Weekend

The Massive WW2 FPS Hell Let Loose Will Be Completely Free Over The Weekend
Credit: Hell Let Loose via YouTube

There are a lot of great first-person shooters on the market today. Some come from storied franchises and others have unique takes on the genre. One of the more popular FPS right now in terms of sheer battlefield size is Hell Let Loose. This online first-person shooter — set during WW2 — features huge open battles with up to 100 players. It was developed by Black Matter Pty Ltd and will be available for free over the weekend.

So if you’re looking to strap in some tanks and delve deep into open-ended combat, clear some room in your schedule this weekend. Let’s start off by saying how realistic this game is compared to actual warfare during WW2. The developers were keen on making this a faithful multiplayer combat experience, from the forests to the crumbling bridges. You’ll have so many areas to wage war with your squad.

Two teams compete head to head in each match. The front lines are constantly evolving. When sectors are captured by a particular team, the victorious side gains access to resources that prove vital in winning the long-term battle. Every player on each squad has a role. You may manage one of the tanks taking the battle to the opposing squad at full force, or you may be in the front lines as part of the infantry. Every decision matters and it will require a team collective to come out on top.

The visuals are a thing of beauty in Hell Let Loose. Firing off an entire clip with a heavy-duty machine gun while the rounds bonce off nearby structures reinforces the authenticity of this game. The developers even went as far as creating maps using historical data and satellite images of battlefields during WW2. They exhausted all resources making this massive first-person shooter, and you’ll appreciate every detail with your very first battle.

It’s also great when developers decide to open up their game to the community for free, even if it’s just for a couple of days like this trial weekend. In that time, gamers can see firsthand what they’ve been missing and then decide to purchase if they liked what they experienced.

Hell Let Loose is the true definitive way to experience historical battles set during such a pivotal time. Do you have what it takes to be a cog in the wheel of a larger military effort? You can find out right now.