Hell Let Loose Has A New Update Out Now That Introduces New Things For The Engineer And Support Classes

Hell Let Loose Has A New Update Out Now That Introduces New Things For The Engineer And Support Classes
Credit: TheTacticalBrit via YouTube

One of the better shooters featuring World World 2 is Hell Let Loose, which released in 2019 and was developed by Black Matter. It has gone on to build a loyal following thanks to its 100-player battlefields featuring intense and realistic combat.

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The game has continued to receive support since launch, featuring new content like weapons, vehicles, and other resources. If you’ve been a fan since launch and have anticipated another update, one actually was just put out titled The Red Ball Express.

A notable addition is supply and transport trucks. They can help the support class tremendously by aiding in the transportation of supplies, which can be shipped off to the front lines for those in need. The trucks can also be used to carry a bunch of soldiers at one time.

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Engineers are assisted by these trucks as well because the supplies they do carry can be used in a lot of meaningful ways. That’s not the only thing for this class either. Now there are satchel charges that can be used to weaken enemy defenses. That should give teams the upper hand when they decide to charge forward after a well-timed explosion.

Bullet penetration has been a highly requested feature since launch and now, it’s available thanks to Update 8. What that means for players is choosing cover wisely because not everything is going to block bullets like it once did. If you’re not careful and get behind the wrong structure, you won’t be there for long. Also included in this update is a major overhaul of Hurtgen Forest.

Finally, players in Hell Let Loose will be treated to other improvements in gameplay, visuals, and animations. For a full list of notes, head on over to the update’s Steam page. It is here where you can get a more detailed breakdown.

It was a bit of time between Update 7 and Update 8, but that was just the developer’s way of making sure this new content really delivered in the right ways. On paper, it looks like it did and that means even better combat experiences for players in Hell Let Loose.

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This first-person shooter has hit it out of the park thus far, featuring intense combat and an ever-evolving battle landscape. Update 8 continues to make the game better as is pretty clear in the developer’s patch notes. This is just one of many more too. The developer is still set on improving aspects that fans want addressed.