Just Cause 4 Is Available For Free Right Now For PS Plus Members

Just Cause 4 Is Available For Free Right Now For PS Plus Members
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Just Cause series is well liked in the action-adventure space. It hits on a lot of great notes, including a wide variety of vehicles to drive and over-the-top action. Every time one of these installments comes out, there is always a ton of fun in store for gamers that like their experiences to be bigger and better.

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If you’ve been late to the party and haven’t had the chance to check out the most recent installment — Just Cause 4 — then now is the time to celebrate if you have a PS Plus membership. It’s currently available to members at no cost and will remain so until January 4th.

That’s plenty of time to check out Avalanche Studios‘ most recent blockbuster packed full of fun and memorable action. The game sets itself apart from its predecessors in that it makes use of an upgraded Apex engine, which lets players experience weather elements like never before.

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You have things like tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards included in gameplay. That creates some pretty surreal, yet suspenseful moments for players taking on the role of Rico Rodriguez. He’s a staple of this series and you pretty much get more of the same in Just Cause 4.

Also worth noting is the incredibly open world of Solis that Rico travels to. It’s just as open as it is exciting. You’ll move through it with a ton of vehicles and transportation methods, including wingsuits, dirt bikes, planes, and more.

That keeps the transportation aspect constantly engaging because just as you get tired of driving one vehicle, there are plenty of others to choose from and master.

In Just Cause 4, players have the ability to customize their grapple hook, depending on their style of play. That ups the insane level of stunts that you can pull off like you’re Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible movie.

There have been some to criticize this installment’s mission design and story, but it gets a lot of elements right and that’s worth noting. It’s also hard to complain too much if you’re a PS Plus member because this title is completely free to claim right now if you want it.

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Just Cause 4 may not follow the same formula as the previous titles, but it will without a doubt provide some fun and thrilling moments whatever you decide to do with Rico in a sprawling Solis. It’s a solid offering on the PS Plus platform.