NBA 2K20 Will Be Free On July 7 For PS Plus Members

NBA 2K20 Will Be Free On July 7 For PS Plus Members
Credit: IGN via YouTube

We’re a couple of days into July. Everyone in the United States is fresh off of celebrating the birth of American Independence. The good times just keep on coming for PS Plus members too.

Starting July 7, account holders on the PS4 will be able to pick up NBA 2K20 from Visual Concepts. It’s a pretty high-caliber sports title and a great addition to your library if you have PlayStation Plus.

The NBA 2K series has come a long way since first debuting on the Dreamcast back in 1999. Every installment has progressed simulation basketball in terms of graphics and gameplay.

NBA 2K20 did a particularly good job at elevating the series in the right departments. For example, the mechanics have never been better. Dribbling and shooting are as authentic as they’ve ever been. Even player mobility and spacing received an upgrade from Visual Concepts.

You would find it very difficult to find a more authentic NBA experience quite honestly. The authenticity goes beyond gameplay as well. You can tell how much time went into refining NBA 2K20’s overall presentation.

You feel like the sports broadcasts are dynamic, the player models are spot on to what you would find in real life, and the commentary gives you added immersion. If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like to be an NBA superstar or a player trying to make it big from the ground up, then this latest installment is a must-play experience.

Visual Concepts also spent a lot of time making this installment smarter and more difficult. For instance, the AI defense warrants your best efforts.

Even when you’re a superstar like Lebron James or Kevin Durant, opponents will not just bow down and let you score. You have to use a lot of evasive maneuvers, time your shots perfectly, and know what strategies work best in certain situations.

That being said, NBA 2K20 isn’t so difficult that you couldn’t have fun and even be successful if you’ve never played this franchise. It’s very approachable.

Player tutorials are available for those that need it. If you can get past the abundant microtransactions, then there’s a lot to love with this game. It even has a fleshed out story with plenty of drama-filled moments.

If you consider yourself a sports fan and enjoy perks of owing a PS plus membership, stay ready on July 7. You’ll have the chance to build up your own all-star or take a team through multiple seasons and enjoy hours of meaningful basketball content.