Overcooked 2’s DLC Sun’s Out, Buns Out! Is Available Now Via Steam

Overcooked 2’s DLC Sun’s Out, Buns Out! Is Available Now Via Steam
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Overcooked series has been pretty successful all in all, featuring family-friendly content that players of all ages can enjoy.

You don’t have to learn a bunch of advanced controls or get confused with an intricate story line, which is so often the case with major AAA games today. Rather, you simply cook in diverse kitchens and overcome a wide variety of challenges.

Overcooked 2 improved upon the original in every important way, including visuals, gameplay, and advanced features. If you’ve played through most of it, don’t worry. It has new DLC available right now on Steam called Sun’s Out, Buns Out! 

So what is this DLC and how does it impact Overcooked 2 as a fun cooking simulator? Let’s find out. First worth mentioning is this update is completely free. All you have to do is make sure your game is updated and that’s it.

The new content includes chefs, kitchens, and recipes. There are a total of five new kitchen layouts featuring distinct decor and themes. The stages have been a huge reason why people love this quirky cooking simulator.

They emphasize fun and always have hidden hazards ready to keep you on your toes. Just as you get used to a format and layout, a kitchen change keeps things fresh and makes you re-learn all over again.

As far as the new recipes, players will be able to prepare ice cream floats and a summer salad. A new hazard has also been added, which is none other than fireworks. It couldn’t have come at a better time considering July 4 was only yesterday.

It will give a whole new meaning to being festive in the kitchen. Just make sure you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is just in case things get a little too hot for comfort.

Sun’s Out, Buns Out! is a pretty decent update that gives returning players new content to sizzle their summer away with. Again, the DLC is now available via Steam. It will be available for consoles later on in the year.

It’s just another reason to check out Overcooked 2 if you haven’t already. There are always new recipes to master, chefs to cook as, and difficult obstacles to overcome. The cooking simulator also is perfect to play with a couple of friends. You’ll be able to work together and overcome whatever is thrown your way.

Who knows? You may learn a thing or two about cooking under pressure.