The Popular Overcooked 2 Is Being Added To The PlayStation Now Streaming Service In January

The Popular Overcooked 2 Is Being Added To The PlayStation Now Streaming Service In January
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you have a PlayStation 4 and enjoy having access to a large library of games, then it’s certainly worth getting PlayStation Now. It’s a streaming service that you can subscribe to for a low monthly charge. Being a member gives you the ability to play some of the most popular PlayStation titles, new and old.

In January, a ton of new titles are being added to the already fantastic library. One of these games is the highly popular cooking simulator Overcooked 2 by Team 17 and Ghost Town Games. It’s a beloved game filled with a lot of fun mechanics and family-friendly humor.

The cooking action in this game has been dialed up to an eleven compared to the original. That means a lot of quick-thinking from you and up to three other friends, whether you’re playing co-op or online.

The challenges every level puts against you always keeps the gameplay fresh. One minute, you could be moving around a bunch of objects and then all of a sudden, the level completely changes. There are always obstacles you’ll have to overcome when preparing fresh dishes to hungry guests.

The levels have also never been better thanks to the added variety. Some restaurants have a sushi theme while others are on another planet. Their layouts are always different.

If you fancy yourself a culinary aficionado, then you’ll enjoy the menu variety. From burgers to five-star meals, you’ll get to put your cooking skills to the test. It’s fun to whip something up in the kitchen solo, but there’s something special about experiencing Overcooked 2 with some friends.

You’ll put your heads together and assign different tasks. Some challenges are pretty difficult and would be nearly impossible to complete if it wasn’t for a team effort. After overcoming these difficult tasks, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment as a team.

Preparing the various meals keeps you on the edge of your seat, but so does the simple act of moving from area to area. The developers have thought of unique ways to keep you immersed in the cooking action. For example, some stages have teleporters that send you to the other side of the room when you least expect it.

It’s rare that cooking is this fun and you can attribute this to the anarchy in Overcooked 2. If you haven’t had the chance to play it, then PlayStation Now is the destination to visit in January.