Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Gets Free DLC Today With Toby’s Dream, Featuring A Dog

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Gets Free DLC Today With Toby’s Dream, Featuring A Dog
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The Trine franchise has been swinging for the fences since 2009, featuring cooperative puzzle platforming across enchanting landscapes.  From the development team Frozenbyte, who has been working on the franchise since it’s initial title, the most recent iteration is Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, and brings all of the bells and whistles that fans of the franchise have come to expect.

It’s gorgeous, captivating, and immersive; everything that you could possibly want.

The newest iteration of the franchise finds adventurers combined once again into a ragtag party of Knight, Wizard, and Thief, attempting to help alleviate the troubles of the Prince Selius.  Across fantastical landscapes of fantasy and imagination of titular adherence, the party enters the troubled mind of the Prince to stop his nightmares from wreaking havoc in reality.

The combat system has been overhauled with the newest iteration, along with skill trees of actual depth, making combat more than the fleeting errant objective between puzzles, and the heroes have nightmares of their own that must be defeated, bringing difficult boss fights to bear that haven’t been seen in the series before.

All of this culminates into a title that does everything its predecessors accomplished, but better.  And today it has received some love from Frozenbyte in the form of free DLC that everyone that owns the title will get to experience, and it promises to be quite the experience that broadens the strokes painted with the core game.

In the DLC Toby’s Dream, the group of heroes enters the dreams of Toby, the gangly mutt met in Nine Parchments, offering to help find treats stowed away in the gardens and castle.  In order to access the DLC, you first have to beat the Prince’s Dream level of Trine 4, and you’ll find the free DLC level in the level select.

The DLC features vivid colors reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe’s standard palette usage, further cementing the fantastical dreamscape that’s perhaps just a bit less dystopic than the other dream dwelling game, Psychonauts.  Featuring quite a few puzzles, the DLC will take an experienced group of adventurers (or, if you’re less social, just yourself) a while to work through while exploring everything that Frozenbyte has cleverly planted in the DLC.

Free DLC on top of a game that is already one of the top-rated cooperative games on Steam is a surefire way to keep your fans happy and engaging with your content, so the only question everyone has right now is: Trine 5 when?