The Three Soulbindings Awaiting Night Fae Faithful In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The Three Soulbindings Awaiting Night Fae Faithful In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: IGN via YouTube

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands drawing closer every day, players have been hard at work theory-crafting the builds that they intend to use with the expansion. Given that players will be wielding new Covenant powers and Soulbindings, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Covenant powers and the traits of Soulbinding are going to be among the most important parts of character builds going into the Shadowlands. As an absolutely integral part of the content, all four Covenants offer three separate Soulbindings, giving us twelve all in all.

We’ve already discussed the Kyrian and Necrolord covenants, of which present a wonderful bit of defensive and offensive capabilities. Here, with the Night Fae of Ardenweald, we’ll discuss the myriad of options the druidic realm of rebirth offers.

The first option is the Dreamweaver Soulbinding, which offers the following eight traits:

  • Field of Blossoms – Increase movement speed of nearby allies when Soulshape ends
  • Social Butterfly – Increases versatility by 5% when around at least two allies, granting the bonus to two allies upon expiration
  • Soothing Voice – Roots, stuns, and other crowd-control abilities significantly reduce target’s movement speed upon expiration
  • Empowered Chrysalis – 10% of overhealing remains as a shield on the target, up to 15% of the caster’s health
  • Faerie Dust – Slows fall when falling farther than 20 yards
  • Somnambulist – Each hour spent in a rest area increases gold from the next World Quest you complete, stacking 5 times
  • Podtender – Regain 30% of health over 10 seconds with a rejuvenating pod upon death. If the pod takes 10,000 damage while regenerating, you die

The second option, bringing a bit more offense to the selection, is Korayn, granting the following eight traits:

  • Horn of the Wild Hunt – Soulshape increases allied movement speed by 10%
  • Wild Hunt’s Charge – When out of combat, Soulshape’s teleport becomes a charge that stuns for 2 seconds
  • Face Your Foes – When in front of a target, spells and abilities decrease the damage they deal to you by 2%
  • First Strike – Damaging an enemy before they damage you increases crit strike chance by 10%
  • Hold the Line – Standing still for 5 seconds grants 10% physical damage resistance until you move
  • Vorkai Sharpening Techniques – Your weapon no longer takes durability damage
  • Get in Formation – Mounting movement speed increased by 3%, granted to allies behind you as well
  • Final Moments – Healing and damage to targets below 35% health increased by 3%, increased to 15% when a nearby ally dies

Finally, we have Niya, who offers a decent mix of utility and offensive capabilities:

  • Sylvari Mantle – Concealed until moving when ending Soulshape
  • Stay on the Move – Defeating an enemy reduces Soulshape’s cooldown by 1 second
  • Niya’s Tools: Burrs – Damaging abilities have a chance to reduce enemy movement speed by 20% and inflict nature damage
  • Niya’s Tools: Poison – Interrupts apply a strong nature DoT effect. A second interrupt increases this damage significantly
  • Niya’s Tools: Herbs – Beneficial spells have a chance to increase target’s haste for 20 seconds
  • Care Package – Niya will occasionally send herbs to you when completing activities that contribute to your Great Vault
  • Grove Invigoration – Using your Night Fae class ability or spells grants 10% Mastery, which slowly fades over 5 minutes

With all of the Night Fae powers revealed, we have an excellent selection of choices. While tanks won’t find an incredible amount of effective bonuses here, unlike the Kyrian covenant, healers and DPS classes can benefit from the utility and various damage-increasing options.